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    Zimon reacted to Carter for a blog entry, Some about me and my time with JR   
    Well I read Leslee's (Barbermiss') blog and late at night and I'm bored sooooooo I decided to write a bit about me.

    At this point I don't think many people know too horribly much about me but the ones that do I talk to on Skype often. The most you guys probably know about me is that I'm that one idiot mod who likes to think he's helpful. So I'll start with basics. I'm 14 (One of the youngest staff! XD) going into 10th grade (Year 10 whatever) and I have been part of JR for about 10 months now. I am quite busy, with different clubs, sports and activities. I have my boating license, two jet skis and a boat. (well my parents do but you get my point) I grew up with pretty strict parents so I have relatively good manners.

    Over last Summer (2011) I went through a phase of depression where I thought everyone hated me, and so on, the basics. Also I git this thought into my head where I wasn't good at anything, I was stupid, and I just annoyed everyone when I went near them. I was just miserable. I managed to distract myself from this fact and could act happy. So one day, on the last few weeks before school my friend gave me his cousin's Minecraft account and I played that on and off. Finally I got bored of single player and googled 'Good Minecraft Servers' (On September the 6th) and I was going through the different servers and looking at the different websites, but none of them looked good, 'We are a French server! PvP everywhere!, No noobz! Only active every X hours of the day!' then I saw JR. I decided to try it as it was the only one with no negative sounding things. I walked into the castle spawn and saw all the fountains and so on in shock, being my first time ever being on multiplayer.

    Whoa I've gone off on a tangeant.

    Well let's fast forward a little.

    I ment a player named 'Fish_Whisperer' and we started a town called Cyblade (which is my current faction) and I couldn't wait to get on again to work on it. For the first time in months I'd actually felt happy, especially whenever I logged on and was greeted with 'Qaz!' (borrowed account's name) Then one day we had a massive server wide rollback (or something I forget) and I went back to the place and started remaking everything, but alas Fish wasn't there. This is the point I met Iggy, who had a milk bar, but everything was robbed, and who almost quit, but I donated a bunch of stuff and made him happy again, he moved into my tower and we became good friends.

    Fast forward a month or two Iggy and Piffy (JxAce, formerly Poe969) became helpers (I became with goodish friends with Piffy at some point during that time too.) fast forward a few more months Barb, TheSystem and I all got Helper and Piffy got Mod. Within a week Barb got mod (She's just that awesome =P) and iggy and I were helpers for a month moreish. Along the way Iggy almost quit again but with some help me and a few others got him to stay. Iggy got Mod. At this point System had stepped down from his position as Helper, and in December, Jamie made the position Grief Police, and myself and a few others became GP. In the end here we are =P

    What I was originally was getting at was JR made me feel happy and confident, but then I went and explained how I made my way to mod XD If you're still reading this, I commend you. All I can say is joining JR has been the best thing to happen to me in a long while!

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    Zimon reacted to Jack_Keeley for a blog entry, People Going for Helper Rank   
    My first blog post is going to be about something that i have been thinking about for a while, which is that almost everyone i have seen is trying to go for the "Helper" rank, which is good, means people want to help out, but i personnaly think that people can help out fine at the rank they are now most likely, probobly a limited number of Helpers there can be, so not everyone can be one . i also think that the people that help out the most should make it known that they want to be helper, in a way that is just like giving a hint to an admin or Jamie that there looking to help the server and become staff, just so that the staff can have more time to evaluate how they would be.

    Any suggestions/comments
    can be put in the comments Below...

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    Zimon reacted to System for a blog entry, Fun With Dan Episode 1 out of 10   
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    Zimon reacted to  Flaw for a blog entry, Year 12 results out!   
    Right, so some of you may know I finished high school back in March, and the results came out this morning. Before I proceed, here's something:

    In my Accounts' practical exam, I was worried I had written my roll number wrong. I thought I had lost my marks there, about 10; but I wasn't sure. It was a memory elapse to be honest: I couldn't remember whether I wrote it right or wrong. Thankfully, I did write the right roll number!

    Now, my results:

    English - 76

    That (image) good enough? I think so too. Bastards.

    Even students who didn't study year round, picked up the books in the last days are scoring 90+. I don't want to live on this planet anymore... wait.. I don't want CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) to exist on this planet anymore.

    Accountancy - 93

    Sums it up.

    Business Studies - 97

    Just as I expected

    Economics - 81

    Yeah, it didn't go too well, and I expected around 80, so can't complain.

    Computer Science - 93

    Just as expected, again.


    Best 4, not including Computer Science (ironical, but that's just the way it is) - 86.75%
    Overall - 88%

    I have lost about 3% in my best 4 because of some stupid guy who checked my answer sheet. 86.75% is not enough for a good college.