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    Zimon reacted to Jamie for news, JR Network Downtime, Unfortunate Events   
    What are we doing to resolve the issue's that happened today and to improve how we run JR?
    We have renewed and re-installed the old server that was been used for JRCraft originally. We are moving all the steam servers to this server currently. This will remove load off our website server meaning that if we have a steam server issue it won't have an impact on the website as well.
    We are changing our http daemon to nginx from apache which is better in terms of security and stability. - DONE
    We are checking our servers for any security flaws and patching anything that looks out of the ordinary - DONE
    We will be training certain staff members to be incident support units, These units will be alerted if an incident occurs and will be trained in bringing JR online if a major incident like this occurs again and when I am not available
    We are sorting out our budget to handle the other server, changing the standard currency used to purchase memberships on JR to euro's and currently it looks as JR will have to pay over 299 Euros a month to keep all our servers running.
    Unfortunately due to the growth of JR, we will be contacting some users that we gave free hosting to in the past and informing them that we can not handle their accounts any more unless they pay for the space.
    Sorting out a better failover and cloud system with our own resources to delegate server load to different servers located in strategic different locations around the world.
    Sorting out an admin backend to view all server events across all JR servers to make sure everything is running as normal.
    Bringing more staff on to the staff team at the JR website
    Adding in server performance features to the backend of the JR website. - DONE

    JR is determined to stay running and keep everyone happy. I am putting in personal funding into JR to keep everyone happy. I hate to ask but if you ever can please don't be afraid or think twice about donating to JR. We appreciate everything that users do to keep us running.

    Keep us running by funding us and more bigger things will come soon.
    We hope you didn't get affected to bad during today's event's