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  1. Hi all just wanted to know what you all think about mobile tech. So what do YOU prefer? iPhone or galaxy (or any other of the Samsung phones) I prefer the iPhone less hassle, simplistic and stylish. In the comments if you like you can post why.
  2. aww... too bad thx anyhow.
  3. hi all! i was Wondering why there are bats in creative but no Ocelots? I wantz a cat! does this have something to do with lag? i hope not because this would really be awesome. thanks for reading and reacting!
  4. desertjosh


    Thanks all for the great welcomes! Awesome that your also going to the Air Force Tim. Yes I'm going to the Air Force in my own country, my work experience is going to be split up over 2 different bases because, they don't have enough learning materials to teach a year long. Lol.
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    Hi all im new to JRCraft, i believe I've been on this server a few years back too but my memory isn't that brilliant so my mcID is desertjosh but u all can call me josh im 18 years old and soon ill be omw to the airforce for my work experience should be awesome! i live in The Netherlands but i was born in Ireland. i play minecraft a lot when ever i can, im good with redstone. just trying to fit in here on JRCraft now. hope i can make some friends. besides minecraft i play x-box 360 (cod b02, forza, assasins creed, skyrim and more) im an Apple freak love their products xD so thats me