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  1. That looks like the most likely explaination. I remember it looked just the way it does now when I started the build, except for a dungeon peeking through from one of the caves. Seems the dungeon didnt regenerate with the rest. Interestingly enough, some of the building mats survived. I found a stack of glowstone and another of glass the same color I made a large glass window out of when i first arrived. Is it possible for someone to pull the schematic from the older map files and re-place it for me? Or hell, just gimme a spawner and I'll rebuild it. It sucks to lose the chests of stuff, but it was mostly bones, arrows and random armor drops. Oh, and a bunch of skeleton heads. Otherwise, i have a zombie spawner that can be repurposed to skeletons with some mod help. I'd need to fix it for exp instead of instant kill though.
  2. Awesome, my regions all seem to be fixed now, but is there any way to get my skeleton grinder tower back? Frosty was trying to help but couldnt find any sign of it. It was located at /warp skell, and apparently some other folks has warps there as well, but its gone. What's worse, I cant even find the original spawner that I used to build it, so I cant even rebuild it. Help!
  3. hmm, so do I need to be logged in? That may not happen until monday, uless I leave myself logged in while I'm at work. got a little shack i bult I can afk in if you wanna fix it today, I'll be afk at work til this evening.
  4. Awesome, thanks. I was mainly using my end project to mine Endstone, although I was doing it in a manner to be used for rooms later. Will you be able to fix my skeleton tower as well? Also, just logged in, and even though the map shows me as owner, it's not letting me interact with anything in my region. Is there something I need to do? I mean, before, the doors and switches worked, even if you werent a member, but now nothing works.
  5. Draxton, Draxisle, Draxshroom, Draxfarm, skell, icepeaks, panama, skyland Thats all I can remember offhand. I have in the end, can't see it opn the map. Also, Draxfarm and skell both have smaller regions inside that I cant seem to get the names of, but they are mine. Skell is the region that seems to have gotten wiped.
  6. Well in additon to not being able to build or even open doors in any of my regions, I am finding some build stuff missing, I had a skeleton grinder, a moderately large tower missing, along with all of its contents. It's like someone reverted it to an unbuilt state. I sent a PM to TezoFrank about my regions, but havn't gotten a response yet. Not being able to use doors means I am trapped inmy own house, outside of using warps. Is there someone else I should be contacting to get these things fixed?
  7. Cruddy. Guess I'll keep using Journeymap for now. Not as nice though since it's clientside and lags the hell outta your machine if it runs too long
  8. http://play.jrcraft.net:8123/ is giving me an unable to connect error. Using a fresh install of firefox, and flash. Not sure whats causing it if it's just me. I even double checked my addons and tried oth Chrome and IE. So did the link change? Oh I just realized I should have been more specific. I meant Dynamap.
  9. Map seems down, any ETA on a fix? Also, I read somewhere that Sea Temple generation was being made retroactive, so we can have them spawn in existing maps, without a reset. Did that make it live? And are there any plans to reset, or add other ways to get the new materials? I think I mentioned in the past about some servers I played on that had a small mining world that could be accessed, and items could be gathered to bring back to the main map, so the main map never needed to be reset. It was usually reset monthly, and everyone got to strip it for materials.
  10. So this is interesting. Apparently players can knock stuff out of item frames? Seems like it, because I have a storeroom under my protected island, and all the chests ere marked with items in frames. Today I login and over half the frames are empty and my items are all stolen. Can I get some assistance with this?
  11. Thanks a ton! I never was able to alter regions, always wound up having to get a mod to do it, or delete and remake
  12. Was just wondering if I could get some help with a mob spawner? I tried my best to rebuild the old iron farm I had before the server reset, hope I did it right. Need to know if I can get a hand with a few things. First off, I obviously would need a staff member to turn the current spawner into an iron Golem spawner. Second I need some help remaking the protection zone. I honestly don't know what I named it, or how to go about resizing it to fit the new area around the spawner. It's located at warp Ironman. I'd really appreciate it if the area can be reset, and named that, with me as owner. I can add others later if needed. Thanks!
  13. Meh, like I said, i'm patient. My current project has me hollowing out an entire mushroom island to build a city. I'm starting with a 50x100 room, at level 34,and digging down toward bedrock. Since all my friends quit playing, its gonna take me awhile. And that's just 1/4 of the island.
  14. So, sent the PM 2 weeks ago, still nothing. Is Frank MIA?
  15. It's kew, been busy with werk myself. thanks for the tip!

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