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  1. i disagree. im already not having fun. @rebel24 i disagree. im already not having fun. @rebel24
  2. ok the new jr tekkit has come out but there is no condensers. and personally that is the only reason i play. is to make factories and have fun. but i cant do that anymore without them. im hoping to get enough likes to bring them back. -Clapboy
  3. the tekkit server has been going down every 15 minutes. its getting very annoying and i get rolled back every time it crashes -Clapboy
  4. ok the cords are x:830 y: 71 z: -1009 or just tp to liltizle
  5. @ i wasnt trying to be rude. i was just saying MyMango owned just a little bit of the mt. and i just want to get this done so we dont have to worry about it.
  6. well technically i own the land they just own a little bit of it. and can i get un temo banned so i can show where to put it and they were inactive from the server i cant give cords. i got temp banned @ can you?
  7. i was just siting think that would be a good idea. it could contain - Who is on what servers. - A live map of minecraft servers. - A Chat room for each game - A global chat room - Forums - The voting websites And much more. i dont know how hard it will be to make i just thought it would be a good idea. -Clapboy
  8. there was a region there before. no one had built on it for a month and a half. i had asked a mod to remove the region. they did. then i spent days building a castle and everyone gangs up on me to get all my stuff removed when they had nothing to do with it.. there was literally 5 pieces of cobble stone there before. the mod removed it because the person was gone for a long period of time and didnt build there when they did get on. it was taking up land. i was willing to pay for the land. (50k) \ i had claimed the mt. i had regioned the mt as well. there was nothing there but 5 pieces of cobble. -Clapboy
  9. i was playing minecraft and the server randomly crashed. no warnin or anything. and it seems to not be coming back up. i hope its not another D Dos
  10. I just want to take a sec and thank all the staff for all the work they do. from helping with new plugins to just making us feel better. You guys/girls work hard to make sure that us users are having fun. You guys/girls are constantly fixing peoples homes from griefs. and i just want to say thank you. And thanks for keep the server up even through hard times. Thanks for all your hard work. ​ Sincerely, everyone.
  11. i lost a diamond pick with unbreaking 1 a diamond shuvle with efficiency 3 a diamond axe. 45 wheat 21 seeds , 2 stacks of leaves. and 4 stacks of dirt