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  1. What’s up guys how’s everyone doing it’s been a while 

    1. Jamie


      Welcome back mate, hope all has been well with you :D You been up to much?

    2. Jamie Finn

      Jamie Finn

      Just been playing games really glued to horizon zero dawn on PS4 how about you ?

    3. Jamie


      None stop work lol 😂

  2. Got little motivation to revise =/
  3. Radio Presenting (Gaming Show) Loving it and GCSEs At the Moment
  4. Awesome Jamie good to see you =)
  5. Yeah we used to have Minecraft vids but they attracted a little audience so we removed them all.
  6. YouTube.com/RisenFocus there's four of us. I'm the English guy latest vid is how not to die in zombies. My radio show is in 6 hours www.staffordfm.co.uk/player/console and I joined JR in 2012
  7. Hey Guys, sorry that I haven't been around for a while. So here's some updates about myself: My Youtube channel has reached 5000 subscribers. I am a Radio Presenter and have a new show on Stafford FM 6-7 GMT every Wednesday all about gaming. I am in Year 11 doing my GCSEs and that's really about it. Hope to see you all around!
  8. Can u fix the money plugin so i can get my money back? And my claims are all claimed lol including the Market and my islands. cant add myself to regions.
  9. I igot that but its fine now
  10. I changed my mc name to JamieFinn from magical_jamie_f and everything is gone! please help!
  11. Jamie Finn


    OH NOOOOOOOOOO i changed it to JamieFinn someone help
  12. Oops logged on to old account lol. Guys if you could go to the youtube page and sub that would be great. Let me know what you think please guys
  13. Just linked up to a mc youtuber with 11.7k subs! Heres his channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/willCTID1 Cant wait to do JR With him! Check out his latest dawn of war video too! Im in it!!!!!!!!!! yippe! uploading first JR video!
  14. WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! Please and thanks Remember this could really promote JR
  15. Finally got 2k subs on youtube! Here is our 2k sub special. Please watch and sub! JR Vids coming soon. What should we do in them?
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