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  1. Hey man, where you disappear too, we are all back :P

  2. AnaLoGMunKy


    Not sure how u managed it, but u guys are more professional looking than ever.
  3. I have to admit, I dont think I will be going back to an AMD graphics card on my next computer purchase.
  4. Im still using Win7 and dont see myself moving anytime soon. Maybe when JRcraft comes on a Steambox
  5. I did, not sure I will hit the limit required tho, as Im not much of a competitor. Wooooo!
  6. If anyone has ever tried to use a browser on a console, they will know this is good news.
  7. Made more music and released it on Bandcamp over last couple of years.


    Here is my first album, MINE. This is a compilation album, a goldmine of sorts, if you like strange gold.

    Here is my second album Electro Phuk

    and here is my most recent work, MONSTER


    Enjoy :)

    1. AnaLoGMunKy


      Also, working on a new album, so far called BigFoot, right now. Literally, right now!

  8. Slightly off topic is my middle name and thanks, I will likely be hanging around posting some stuff, maybe even some self made music! When Im inside a house this sound is nice When in a tent in the middle of nowhere, not so.
  9. The washing machine But since this post has inspired me I will be putting on Wilderness Part 1 by Pilgrim Pilgrim
  10. My sentiment exactly. Where did the inhouse likes go. I dont have/want Facebook and I still want to show my support for certain posts :\
  11. Legendary !!! I donated (hey, where's the Euro key?!?) uh, 5 Euro. Its not much and I have not been on in ages but JR is hands down the best Minecraft server I have ever played on AND you have an awesome website with more games etc etc. Good luck Jamie
  12. Right now I'm reading Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake, the second in the trilogy. The first is Titus Groan, the third, Titus Alone. Life has become tradition and tradition is stone, the stone of Gormenghast. Live has followed the tradition for a forgotten length of time and no-one knows or questions this tradition until now. It follows the lives of the ruling house of Groan along with the strange and wonderful characters like the Lords servant, Flay, the obese and horrid cook Swelter and the dangerous Machiavellian youth, Steerpike. It is written masterfully by its author with a tone of language like none Iv ever seen. It easily tops J.R.Tolkien, Richard Morgan, Ian Banks (or Ian M Banks if your so inclined), Peter F Hamilton or literally anyone else I have ever read, with regards to language used and the lyrical imagery he gives although its perhaps quite a hard read for those with less time or patience. Here is a short excerpt: Perhaps a little too much for the younger audience but for those wishing something more adult in their reading and perhaps for those who want to follow in the tone of J.R.Tolkien, then I heavily recommend these books. There is also a fantastic BBC adaptation of the first 2 books which pulls off the strange quirkiness of the characters very very well. If you wish to read more on the characters, follow this link: Oh and if you hadn't guessed, 5/5 stars!