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  1. brayden

    Recent Changes

    This is why you should use hardware RAID.
  2. brayden

    It's time. My goodbye

    He still hasn't sorted out his internet connection? It has been like this for years!
  3. brayden

    It's time. My goodbye

    Where's the blurb on me?!?!?!? Eitherway, good luck Jamie with future endeavors. I have many, not particularly fond, memories of some of the issues that JR network caused for Jamie and it is in his best interest to leave JR Network for certain. However it won't be the same, not only because the title is "Jamies Rebellion" (lack of apostrophe is deliberate, that is how it was spelled), less the Jamie now. Edit: Also it looks like JR Network has only been around about 4 years, yet 5 years is said?
  4. Don't worry. I will make sure you repeat it.
  5. Good of Jamie to start using Cloudflare now. Makes the site more reasonable to use and I reckon that's what needs a lot of work on. Who wants to use a slow website after all? Though I've helped on the client end of things by blocking so many elements on the site as there were all these gravatar images and I could see eleventy million TCP acks getting fired off by going here.. ..ahhh..so much clutter! Kill it.. kill it all I blame the ponies. Edit: Can I have Jamie's session cookie?
  6. brayden

    Server Upgrade?

    That packet loss on the traceroutes is called ICMP de prioritisation. http://brayden.ur.cx:81/smokeping/smokeping.cgi?target=Internet.Europe.OVH this is my Smokeping graph from home and it shows there's not a lot of packet loss going on, on the last 30 hours map it is at 0.10% average which could be from all the downloading during the Steam Summer Sale. I'll add Hetzner now and see how that compares. Also from looking at the weathermap now the most activity is happening is between Roubaix and London, 70 - 85 % and in America, the nwk-2-6k <-> ash-1-6k link is at 94%. The majority of
  7. brayden

    Server Upgrade?

    So Hetzner have higher latency from the US?
  8. brayden

    Server Upgrade?

    I'm not trying to shoot down the idea. I'm attempting to challenge information that is being presented here as facts. Either way, how are you certain that Hetzner will be better with DDoS prevention/mitigation or at least not suspending your servers for it? DDoS protection equipment is bloody expensive and it is common practice among most hosts to null route anyway. As mentioned earlier, I have used a Hetzner box and while I cannot comment on their support at all and only had it for 2 months, those 2 months the network (only 100 Mbps though) speed was good and we rarely had downtime
  9. brayden

    Server Upgrade?

    Try these: http://looking-glass.iinet.net.au/lg/ http://looking-glass.internode.on.net/ http://www.telstra.net/cgi-bin/trace telnet to route-views.optus.net.au for a special router of theirs http://looking-glass.tpgi.com.au/ http://looking-glass.iprimus.net.au/lg and there are some more but that should do France is closer to United States and OVH has points of presence in the United States now. How is it going to be better?
  10. brayden

    Server Upgrade?

    I'm assuming this is Hetzner as the specs sound very similar to a Hetzner box that I was fiddling with a few weeks ago and Hetzner are German. So here goes, my pings from Perth, Western Australia: Ping statistics for (Hetzner.de) Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 376ms, Maximum = 376ms, Average = 376ms Ping statistics for 2001:41d0:2:876a::1: (proof.ovh.net IPv6) Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: M
  11. From a third party perspective it is a bit funny how you people are reacting. I can imgine Emil et al just looking at this and laughing at the "grow up" comments and embedded YouTube videos. It isn't really that great what they did but still it smacks a bit as "feeding the trolls".
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