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  1. definitely always popping on checking. thank you guys for ur great comments.
  2. Man I haven't been on Jr I about a year n all I can think about is our server masters wonderful music. I miss the streams n music request. I miss Jamie jammin with our Jr family. I also miss my dearest barbermiss. I would have to da without her, switch, Jamie, n frost I would not have the respect for Jr like i do now. It is because of them I check in on Jr every once in a while. May not b to play but just to chat n catch up with em. But because of them they made me feel welcomed and loved. Always being respectful to us and always entertaining us. Guys I miss ya n hopin to hang with yall on Jr pretty soon. Just shouting out my respect for yall. Much love to our staff and Jr community.
  3. noni1011

    Got any questions?

    switch bro I missed ya I miss da whole jr family.. idk wats been goin on butits like a ghost town on jr every time I got on it.. which is like 10 times in the past week or sumthin like dat.. but man it been empty n borin without ya.. I miss ya bro!!! that my friends is what you call bromantic. lmfao... switchy twitchy ssssslllllluuuuuuurrrrrppppppp hit me up when u can bro.
  4. noni1011

    Got any questions?

    hey switch!!! im calling you out!!! SHOW UR SELF!!!!! SSSLLLLLUUUUUUUU RRRRRRPPPPPP!!!!! haha bet u thought I was goin sumwhere else with that eh?
  5. This was amazing! i found a double dungeon today! one a zombie spawning dungeon and the other a spider spawning dungeon! This has to be my MOST EPIC!!!!! AWESOME BEST MOMENT ON JR EVER!!! I LOVE YOU JRCRAFT! <3
  6. because i missed it soooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo000000000000000000 much! yea.. That much! i feel weak without prem!
  7. I am Once Again in the prem zone! wat a lil but huge change it was not being prem for like 2 days.. omg was hectic! I was like god idk how to play this game anymore! xD but am now prem and gunna use every little perk I get with the prem membership! I missed it soooo much! well im going to the server and going to do a drop party1 all this because im prem again. lol I know Im repeating a lot of words but u know wat I gots to say to all ya'll that noticed it?! I just gotta say ahhh hah!!!! :P:P im prem so I don't care! lol. well I love you guys! on the server like in 3...2...1..*POOF* OMG I FORGOT TO THANK FROSTY FOR HELPING ME OUT! I LOVE YOU FROSTY!!!!!!!! <3 THANKS FOR HELPIN WITH THE PREM ISSUES!
  8. Well I have been taking a mini break from jr as you all prob have realized. and I gotta say I missed the heck outta everyone! I had to focus more on my school stuff to make sure I graduate! and I can say by the looks of it im gonna graduate on time! cant wait to finally be done with this school! lol. but I am now gunna be on Jr more often. and I come back realizing that my prem ran out! (ooh my!! ) and I notice that I really need prem lol. I miss the simple commands! made things fun! so I am going prem again! tonight I am no longer a reg member! I am again a prem member! lol.
  9. My fav thing about JR is the staff and just the community. The staff are great! not only are they staff they are friends. They help everytime help is needed, and help make sure the server stays user friendly. The community is awesome! We have very nice/friendly ppl on the server. I think of JR as a Home away from Home. a place to get away from real world and just be yourself, have fun, and enjoy the time you spend on JR. The staff are almost always online and listening for for people who needs them or just there to chat with us! The best part has to be the staff being there most of the time. unlike other servers that will usually have no admin on or if they are they will abuse their power. here there is no abuse of anykind. everyone is treated equally. I love this server! if you arent a member yet you should register now! you will never regret that choice of joining the JR family.
  10. Okay so I have been curious about the forums here and i never really looked through any kind of forum page before so I'm kinda new at this. so my adventure starts here. I go to the JR mainpage and look around for the forums link and can't find it.. so im going mad raging at my desk like a little derp so im just clicking random links looking to find it and no luck.. so i go to the server and ask for help. but i thought asking for help finding the forums would sound like a joke . so i asked Mrcoconut in a pm and he didn't know either! (that there was my face when i heard this!) I was happy in a weird way! I thought hey im not the only one who doesn't know it! so I grew some confidence and asked in the general chat! and got an answer for help! Frosty came to the rescue! he helped me and told me to go to! and i was like YAY THANKS FOR HELPING!!!!!! and so i go to the mainpage once again.. and was like darn... i was here already.... and i look with patience (and reading what things say this time ) and i finally saw the way to the forums! and i was like dang if it hadn't been for Frosty i would have never made it here today! (In the jrcommunity!) This is my first of hopefully many post! hope you guys like it! JAMIE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!