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    minecraft rocks

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  1. bradleyhinson

    its me

    hi its me bradleyhinson and id like to say high to all the testificets reading this so hi to all of and good bye to the zombies
  2. bradleyhinson


    well i am sure every one is having the big lag that i am having and i hate the new mojang update 1.4.4 the new one and if you read the update mojang was supposed to take care of this lag leave a comment or follow if ether you don't like the update or hate the lag or both.
  3. well you are on the edge you jut found it duh
  4. i reliae that jamie is gone so i think we need to move on right
  5. you know mushroom biomes are rare right, image you just found one exploring and you get excited because its like the find of a life you start like screaming and because your screaming right you cant here the faint put familer sound of a soon to be crater maker ssssssssssssssssss so its right behind you then game over score &E0 or something re-spawn or title screen so there your find good bye thanks for reading bye

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