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  1. a_blaze


    My region name is "BlazeHome" and thanks mates thanks Tim for the advice
  2. a_blaze


    I was just playing on the vanilla survival server and i wanted to //wand my home I was building... So i did "//wand" and made the region. But it says that i don't have permission to build in there and i can't get rid of it or add me to owner or anything about it so now i am stuck with all of my stuff in the basement of a house that i can not use anymore... can an admin help me please, i need help... Thanks always JRStaff, a_blaze
  3. sorry for the extra comments and sorry if the first one is in the wrong place. It's just that I can not figure out how to post a message. ~blaze
  4. the website i mean is www.jrnetwork.net
  5. Jamie, I have a few questions. 1: Can Jr Network have a Mindcrack Feed The Beast server? 2: Does Jr network have a skype contact so we can have a call with some people on the server or a page on the www.juniorcraft.com website that has all of the people from the junior craft servers and their skype cntacts? 3: My last question if I am able to record videos for YouTube on the server? 4: I also can't find out how to post a message so can you please tell me? If you could answer these questions soon that would be great. Thank you for your time, ~Blaze
  6. I can't figure out how to post a post...>:(

    1. commanderAIK


      At the bottom of a thread or a page where somebody has made a post you should see a box where you can type relavent points .

    2. a_blaze
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