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  1. This is a security alert to anyone who uses TeamSpeak 3 (whether it is on our server or any other server). An exploit has been discovered recently that allows a dubious user to cause other users to crash their clients. Unlike the previous exploit that was server wide however, this one appears to be channel or user specific. Thankfully there has been a hotfix released, although the downside is atm it is not available to the standard client users but only to those who have enabled the BETA Update Channel (Options->Application for those who wish to toggle it). Therefore it is re
  2. Update, good news everyone (Futurama hehe) Microsoft have replied to my query and they have said that the blocks will be lifted though it may take up to 48 hours. Though any hotmail users should (or at most 48 hours from) now be able to get mail from our servers again. Please let us know if anyone is still having issues after 48 hours has passed. We are still awaiting replies from Google & AOL though, but these may just be temp blocks on those. Any other issues with mail please let us know, thanks, :-)
  3. Hey everyone, Just to let you all know, that there are some technical issues going on with sending any mail to certain providers atm. As of now we are aware that Hotmail (Live/Outlook/etc), Google Mail (gmail), and AOL Mail, are all having issues letting our servers send anything to them. Having tested several, I can also let you know that mail sent to accounts on virgin media, mail.com, yahoo, protonmail, all appear to be working perfectly with our servers atm. Tested and not working for recieving mail from us atm: Hotmail GMail AOL Mail Tested and fully working for recieving mail from u
  4. For those that do not know WildStar (MMORPG) goes free-to-play (f2p) on September 29th, myself & a few others already play this (I for example played back in the closed beta days). Those of you who are wishing to find a new MMO/MMORPG to play then you may wish to look into this one as its quite a fun alternative. If you have an NCSoft (eg you play AION or other NCSoft released games) account already you can use this to login with to play. The mechanics in this game are somewhat different to say World of Warcraft, RIFT, AION, TERA, and so on mind. So do not be surprised if you need to re-l
  5. The following are a few tips & tricks (more will come in due course, along with others posting their suggestions too!) for ArcheAge (which for those who do not know is a recently launched MMORPG along the lines of games like World of Warcraft, Aion, RIFT, etc, and is free-to-play). These range from gaming tips, to system/application tips, in order to make the game run smoother or knowing the best spots to go to for certain things, etc. Atm, as-is, I shan't post tips in ref to the classes as there are loads of these available online, and besides since the games just gone live its best to
  6. We are rolling out a Store system across most of our steam based gaming servers atm (TF2, CSS, CSGO, ND, etc). Its a work-in-progress, and not everything will work on each server as some are server specific. However the base/core features (earning credits for kills, capturing flags, staying on the servers, etc) should be fine, its just things like equipment/etc that may or may not work on some servers (eg because of valve's changes to tf2 we can't have some equipment on our characters, eg custom hats, etc). Unfortunately due to limitations or blocks in the actual games (valve rules/etc) theres
  7. The information provided below is the most basic means of linking a site account to our gaming & voice servers, this can be used by private guilds/clans/groups for say automatically promoting users to Member or higher ranks on our TeamSpeak 3 server, etc, without any of the JR Network (or JRTX Gaming) staff needing to manually add users or promote/demote/etc as once linked the scripts can take over and automatically have users auto promoted/demoted based on their site accounts user groups/etc. Just a note, that in all the following information it is NOT required at all to either login or
  8. It has come to our attention that there are people going on TeamSpeak 3 servers and deliberately abusing exploits to cause other users clients to crash and require log deletions or client re-installs to work again. Please note we will not put up with that on any of our servers and you will be PERMAMENTLY banned across ALL our gaming, voice, and site systems! For those of you who have been effected by this we apologize if it happened on our host, please report any such issues. The exploits being used will be fixed in TeamSpeak 3 clients 3.0.15 when officially released, but for now if
  9. I am extremely upset, angry, confused, and am shaking a lot. I am most unhappy right now. Probably not in the best frame of mind to make decisions atm...

  10. If theres a call for this we still have a dedicated TF2: Competitive server setup using the officially endorsed ETF2L/UGC configs, maps, etc. Which we actually had setup for our ETF2L Highlander (aka 9s) group and then more recently for our 6s group. But quite recently the 6s group disbanded (no idea of the details, lack of interest or power struggle or something probably, I just setup servers not manage teams/etc on them) so that servers now empty. The server was setup for use for official home games against other teams as well as being available for practice matches for our team(s), so i
  11. On Aion, Rift, Spiral Knights and also Spirit Tales and other games, myself and others have had groups setup for some time, but hardly anyone took notice an bothered playing the games so although the groups are all still there not many bother playing anymore unfortunately. Which was a shame, I personally enjoyed all of them. Some players do however pop back now and then, so I do still see people visiting. EG: Aion: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/165-Aion AirMech: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/164-AirMech League Of Legends: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/172-League-of-Legends Raider
  12. Very true, also you can add avatars to yourself, and mark people as friends/contacts to make it easier to find your friends (they get marked in a different colour) and invite them to your room(s).
  13. Well the actual script can be designed around whatever you lot can come up with. So be creative, think what you'd want the design to display, etc. What server stats/info do you want to see? Theres a great deal of output it can have, whether its just online/offline status or player counter (or even a full online player list for larger image outputs). The script can also output into png, gif, or jpg as well as text. So the designs/information can include text styles not just as a picture. The designs can be pretty much any size. So maybe come up with some banners, avatars, logos, etc. As we'll
  14. Guys, we need some background images, style designs, etc, as we're close to finishing the new server status script for our servers (thats ALL our servers, Minecraft/Steam/Voice). Example page of the OLD styles. Note the hardcoded text, eurgh (new script has NOTHING hardcoded and will all be generated by the script so will be way more flexible and optional). Both the old and new scripts are a LOT more advanced and configurable than those examples give you an idea of. The script (atm the public/old one that is) has a great many options/settings for outputs/etc. EG: It can parse xml stats pages
  15. Okay, so you want to join and use our TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server, you've come to the right place. But before you go further lets make sure you have the software you need. You do NOT require a microphone to use our voice servers, but it is of course highly recommended. You can still connect to our servers and LISTEN, and then of course you can still just use text chat on it! If you don't already have TeamSpeak 3 installed you can download the client HERE (for x86/x64 versions of Linux/Mac/Windows/Android/etc). Install this if not already, and lets continue. Right, so you've got the software
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