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  1. This is a security alert to anyone who uses TeamSpeak 3 (whether it is on our server or any other server). An exploit has been discovered recently that allows a dubious user to cause other users to crash their clients. Unlike the previous exploit that was server wide however, this one appears to be channel or user specific. Thankfully there has been a hotfix released, although the downside is atm it is not available to the standard client users but only to those who have enabled the BETA Update Channel (Options->Application for those who wish to toggle it). Therefore it is recommended that you patch up to this version asap. Unless you are really really against using a BETA client (you can turn it right off after updating to the hotfix security patch!) you should do this immediately. Either via Help->Check for updates, or via quitting and restarting the client (please note you may need to quit and restart the client after toggling to the BETA update channel). Thank you.
  2. Update, good news everyone (Futurama hehe) Microsoft have replied to my query and they have said that the blocks will be lifted though it may take up to 48 hours. Though any hotmail users should (or at most 48 hours from) now be able to get mail from our servers again. Please let us know if anyone is still having issues after 48 hours has passed. We are still awaiting replies from Google & AOL though, but these may just be temp blocks on those. Any other issues with mail please let us know, thanks, :-)
  3. Hey everyone, Just to let you all know, that there are some technical issues going on with sending any mail to certain providers atm. As of now we are aware that Hotmail (Live/Outlook/etc), Google Mail (gmail), and AOL Mail, are all having issues letting our servers send anything to them. Having tested several, I can also let you know that mail sent to accounts on virgin media, mail.com, yahoo, protonmail, all appear to be working perfectly with our servers atm. Tested and not working for recieving mail from us atm: Hotmail GMail AOL Mail Tested and fully working for recieving mail from us atm: Mail.com Yahoo Mail ProtonMail Virgin Media Mail We are indeed looking into this matter, and have contacted the companies involved. We should hopefully have this situation resolved but wish to alert everyone. If there are any other mail providers that are having any problems receiving mail from our servers please let us know either via reply to this thread or contact either Jamie or myself via the usual other means and we shall look into it all further asap. Thank you for your patience.
  4. For those that do not know WildStar (MMORPG) goes free-to-play (f2p) on September 29th, myself & a few others already play this (I for example played back in the closed beta days). Those of you who are wishing to find a new MMO/MMORPG to play then you may wish to look into this one as its quite a fun alternative. If you have an NCSoft (eg you play AION or other NCSoft released games) account already you can use this to login with to play. The mechanics in this game are somewhat different to say World of Warcraft, RIFT, AION, TERA, and so on mind. So do not be surprised if you need to re-learn a few things. Such as the combat mechanics, in this game you don't just stand there holding a button down or get bored rapidly pressing buttons whilst in raids as nothing else to do. This one makes you keep on your toes as you MUST move about a lot to avoid the telegraphs (basically indicators on the ground to show where mobs or other players are aiming their attacks/etc) which sounds easy but can be tricky - especially against larger mobs or crowds of mobs. Also there are some boss encounters where you can't really predict things as sometimes they alter what they do (course you can learn various tricks and methods for when these alternate attacks come in but its still tricky at times). For anyone wishing to have a look right now, I have 1 guest pass left (limits you to a "trial" as such which is just 7 days long and also max level 20 cap, plus you can't join/create guilds amongst other limitations of course - many of these are removed when the game goes f2p though thankfully. You can still join circles which are in essence a very tiny guild comprised of a group of close friends/etc though these are practically just chat channels for your circle, whereas a guild of course is much more indepth & offers guild bank/perks/etc). We also have our official JR Networks - JRTX Gaming Clan/Guild setup already on the EU->PvE server, so anyone who plays the f2p will be able to join us there and gain immediate access to various perks and guild chat/etc. Links & Information: Official Site Client Installer NCSoft Site WildStar F2P FAQ Players & Characters (sorted by account name): *User* - *Character Name* - *Faction* - *Race* - *Class* - *Path* Calystos - Calystos Ryujin - Exiles - Aurin - Spellslinger - Scientist Please note that the game does require 20GB storage space (and thats just the game, not including addons, screenshots, logs, etc)! The client lets you select between EU/NA systems of course, though we'll only be on the EU servers. Of course anyone from anywhere may join either of the EU or NA servers and can easily switch between them via the client launcher application. We also will be playing mostly on the PvE server rather than the PvP one. Though there are of course PvP battlegrounds/arenas/events/duels/etc on the PvE server so we can still go an play against other players. We play on the Exiles faction, but you can play on the Dominion faction if wished, we'll be able to still play together in battlegrounds/pvp/etc. Please feel free to reply to this if you are already playing, or if you join up on the 29th onwards in the f2p, and we shall invite you to the guild if wished. Also of course we'll all be able to add each other as friends and thus group up and do more quests/instances/raids/battlegrounds an so on together, :-) Have fun, an hope to see you ingame, enjoy! EDIT: Also of note if you do play, make sure to enable 2-step authentication as you will be given a free mount (and a few other things) to aid you getting about!
  5. The following are a few tips & tricks (more will come in due course, along with others posting their suggestions too!) for ArcheAge (which for those who do not know is a recently launched MMORPG along the lines of games like World of Warcraft, Aion, RIFT, etc, and is free-to-play). These range from gaming tips, to system/application tips, in order to make the game run smoother or knowing the best spots to go to for certain things, etc. Atm, as-is, I shan't post tips in ref to the classes as there are loads of these available online, and besides since the games just gone live its best to try them out yourself and see and then report back your findings and then we can start working on information in regards to those features later, -=-=- Settings Tips -=-=- Use DirectX 9 rather than DirectX 11 as its more stable. Disable Multithread Rendering to increase stability and fps, as its a bit buggy atm. Change UI Size Settings to 80%, it can help increase fps and other things. -=-=- UI Tips -=-=- Shift+Right-click on usable items such as coinpurses auto-uses them until the stack is gone. At a Stablehand NPC make sure to click G to open the Shop rather than F to open the chat/resurrect interface, you can then buy gear for your mounts and combat pets. To go through a world portal you create (or another players) you must jump through it. -=-=- General Tips -=-=- At about level 5-ish you can get the quest in your tutorial/starter zone that will grant you a mount pet, this will of course require you to play a simple (and rather pointless) mini-game to make it grow up to adulthood (and thus usable). Before you start this its best to get some water from the well. Then you can complete the quest within a short period and get your mount pet. After its fully grown remember to go to a stablehand npc and open its shop to get extra gear for it to boost your pet. At about level 10 or 12-ish you can get the quest (Bear Mountain @ Lilyut Hills for , or Ironclaw Mine @ Tigerspine Mountains for ) to be granted a experimental glider (lowest level and slowest of the gliders but still worth getting), this involves simply going below the quest givers location a bit and looting a few crates then turning it in. At about level 20-ish you can get the quest to get a combat pet (wolf or cat depending on faction), like the mount pet quest this involves you doing something to make it grow. It is recommended to first go to the nearby cows and gather some milk from them. After its fully grown remember to go to a stablehand npc and open its shop to get extra gear for it to boost your pet. Many quests let you "overachieve", which gives you extra bonus on the quest rewards so it is highly recommended to always go for more than the quest asks for. Say a quest is to gather 5 items from crates, you can then gather up to 8 and thus gain the bonus. Likewise if a quest was to kill say 10 mobs, if you were to kill 13 you'd get a bonus. Some quests also let you "early turn in", so if the quest is tediously long and boring you might want to do this, course you get less reward but still good if your finding that quest hard or boring. Use dash (double-click forward, or click/use the dash skill which is by default shift-1) to rush ahead/run faster, but be warned it drains mana whilst in use and can not be used whilst in combat! Once you have a pet (any pet) always keep it out, in order to let it gain xp and level up whilst you play, but keep an eye on it and make sure to unsummon it if its nearly dead! Some npcs have TWO options on them, eg stablehands & temple priestesses, etc. So depending on if you press F (default key) or press G (default key) depends on which option you go with. Stablehands have the option to open a shop or resurrect/heal a pet, likewise Priestesses have the option to reset your skillsets, or restore your lost xp when dead. You will not lose any XP when you die, until you reach level 10. After then you must visit a Temple Priestess (you basically spawn at these if you release) and use labor points to recover the lost xp. Use F (default key) to loot all from a corpse, or G (default key) to open loot window to loot only specific items. Once you have a glider, you will want to upgrade it asap (depending on your level of course). You can buy all 3 upgrade schematic/patterns (do not bother buying the experimental one since you should already own this from the quest) from the starter experimental glider by visiting Mirage Isle and purchasing each schematic/pattern there for a total of 1 gold 75 silver. Then you will need to find a carpentry workbench to craft them. To craft the upgraded glider you need to unequip your glider first if its equipped, do this via the character interface (default C key). It costs 25 LP (Labor Points) per upgrade mind. And each upgrade has a minimum level requirement to use, so do NOT upgrade past your level if you are not that items level yet! The level requirements are 10 for Improved, 15 for Enhanced, and 20 for Ultimate. -=-=- General Information -=-=- Nuian start at Solzreed Peninsula in Nuia Elf start at Gweonid Forest in Nuia Firran start at Falcorth Plains in Haranya Harani start at Arcum Iris in Haranya -=-=- Guild/Clan Information -=-=- Atm, since the servers recently launched live and there are huge problems with queues (often 3k-5k or more users queued!) across all servers, we are thinking it best to wait a bit before deciding which server we shall play on and create a guild on, etc. But atm its leaning towards EU->Orchidna since its one of the newer servers so should have a better chance of settling down faster for us all to login and play on together, etc. Discuss & decide upon this as we go, feel free to leave feedback on this. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any tips, tricks, suggestions, guides, etc, you may have,
  6. We are rolling out a Store system across most of our steam based gaming servers atm (TF2, CSS, CSGO, ND, etc). Its a work-in-progress, and not everything will work on each server as some are server specific. However the base/core features (earning credits for kills, capturing flags, staying on the servers, etc) should be fine, its just things like equipment/etc that may or may not work on some servers (eg because of valve's changes to tf2 we can't have some equipment on our characters, eg custom hats, etc). Unfortunately due to limitations or blocks in the actual games (valve rules/etc) theres nothing we can do about the things that don't/can't work. What this system is is basically a ingame credits and shop feature, wherein you gain credits just by staying on the server but also via kills or staying alive or other map specific events (eg point controls, flag captures, etc). These credits can then be used to purchase ingame items which can either be cosmetic (ranging from things like chat colours, weapon colours, weapon tracers, player trails, player skins, and so on) or non-cosmetic (eg instant respawns for games that have respawn timers, and so on). Atm, the system has quite a few items to select from, and more will be added later. Please note that the credits earned, and the items purchased, are GLOBAL UNLOCKS, meaning you can play on ANY of the servers with the store system running and earn credits and use them on any of the other servers. We shall soon also offer via our clan site the ability to purchase credits in bulk, rather than the slower means of earning them ingame. We shall also soon offer the means to purchase/sell (and in the future trade) items via the site too. Another upcoming site based feature will be able to proudly display your purchased items, or favorite items, etc. More information will be posted later, the whole store system is as stated a work-in-progress so many things are liable to change until we get it all fully working. Servers that have almost everything working already are the CSS & CSGO servers, the TF2 has mostly working features, and the ND server has very few working features atm as its only just been started upon. Another post will be wrote soon to explain the store in more depth, including how to use, what each category type is for, and so on.
  7. The information provided below is the most basic means of linking a site account to our gaming & voice servers, this can be used by private guilds/clans/groups for say automatically promoting users to Member or higher ranks on our TeamSpeak 3 server, etc, without any of the JR Network (or JRTX Gaming) staff needing to manually add users or promote/demote/etc as once linked the scripts can take over and automatically have users auto promoted/demoted based on their site accounts user groups/etc. Just a note, that in all the following information it is NOT required at all to either login or register on the JRTX Gaming site in order to add and use any of the transmitter code scripts. The generators that are stored on my site are purely converters to either the teamspeak or steam servers database, they just parse the data that the scripts below will gather and send to them. All the information below can be used on ANY site or system (whether standalone site, or a forum based such as IPB/vBulletin/phpBB/whatever). I wrote these features in order to allow other guilds/clans/groups could use our voice & gaming servers for their groups use and have their own areas, but the code can of course be used for other means if required. I'm just releasing this information for everyone to use and help everyone out further. Although I'm a firm believer in open source, atm I've not released the generator scripts code yet as they are still works in progress. Although anyone interested in the way these work can of course contact me for more information, etc. Same can be said on anything I write, as sooner or later I will of course release everything I write. Okay that being all said onto the information on the TeamSpeak 3 & Steam site<->server integration systems. Now, the TeamSpeak 3 integration is based upon someone elses work, but the parser is something I've wrote myself and maintained accordingly. The Steam integration however, is entirely completely unique to me as I've never seen any site or service provide a feature like it yet. Both scripts allow users to link their site accounts with their server accounts on the voice or gaming servers and thus let users access bonus features on the voice or gaming servers and allow us to add features on sites such as donation areas or shops and give the users immediate automated access to things on the voice or gaming servers at the same time without the users having to constantly beg/nag/remind the staff to do things manually. --- The following is the most basic means of running the updater script this ones the TeamSpeak 3 example (Steam example further down the post after TS3 stuff). It is how the current/old system works, further down this post is how the upcoming new/better system will work. <form action="http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/ts3_token_generator.php" method="post"> Unique ID: <input type="text" name="uuid" /><br /> <input type="hidden" name="guid" value="<?php echo $guid; ?>" /> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /> </form> In order to find your Unique ID simply go to (in your TeamSpeak 3 client) Settings->Identities (shortcut is Ctrl-I) and copy/paste your profiles Unique ID to this page and submit in order to automatically apply/use your autogenerated token. With the $guid being set to a randomly generated key unique to the site its placed upon, this key is also stored in the generators datafile/config settings to that the actual generator knows what to compare against and knows its legit/etc. Basically thats similar to how a pgp system works. Thats all that is really needed on any site, the user then simply enters (copy/paste) their TS3 Profile Unique ID and its done. Course to integrate it into a site better, it would be best to store the info via a database and that way a cron feature could be setup or a check could be added to the promote/demote usergroups system so that whenever changes in the users account occur it'd automatically then re-transmit the updated data accordingly and thus keep all users data on both site and servers updated without users or staff requiring to manually update or change a thing. Like on the JRTX Gaming site, theres a fully integrated system where the user enters their UID and it stores up to 3 of them (eg so the user can include say a computer/laptop, a phone, etc, if they don't know how to backup/restore their ts3 profiles onto multiple devices) which the site then can check and automatically keep the users usergroups updated accordingly on the server based on the users site usergroups without the user or the site staff ever having to re-enter or manually click to update anything as its all done whenever the user gets promoted/demoted or donates, etc. The only time the user would ever have to do anything again would be if they re-installed teamspeak and had a new UID, so they'd just have to go to their account profile/settings page on the site and replace the UID they already entered, etc. --- The newer system, which will be wrote and released shortly, will include an additional option which will sort of replace the existing guid feature with a more advanced system that will let sites integrate the script code further in so it would include things like usergroups better, etc. <form action="http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/ts3_token_generator.php" method="post"> Unique ID: <input type="text" name="uuid" /><br /> <input type="hidden" name="guid" value="<?php echo $guid; ?>" /> <input type="hidden" name="groups" value="<?php echo $groups; ?>" /> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" /> </form> In order to find your Unique ID simply go to (in your TeamSpeak 3 client) Settings->Identities (shortcut is Ctrl-I) and copy/paste your profiles Unique ID to this page and submit in order to automatically apply/use your autogenerated token. Like before, $guid will of course be the special unique group id so that the generator knows that the data given is legit/etc. However, note the new $groups option. This is entirely option, without this all users will be marked purely as Member group on the server. The new option, if included/set, will be a comma split list of all usergroups that the user is in EG: moderators,donators if the user on the site is in both Moderators and Donators usergroups so that the parser script knows to mark the user on the servers usergroups accordingly. --- Right thats the TeamSpeak 3 information out of the way, now onto the Steam stuff... This ones a bit different, as the user does not actually have to do a single thing as long as the site the code is used on has a steam link feature already in place (which both JR Network main site and JRTX Gaming group site do already). Basically a cron task or something would have to be setup to gather each users information, at least only for those who are steam linked on the site that is. The parser script is sent a serialized form of this gathered data. The data required to be sent is as follows, and heres a sort of example of the thing required to do: if ($islinked) { $data_array = array(); $data_array['username'] = $username; $data_array['musername'] = $musername; $data_array['steamid'] = $steamid; $data_array['usergroups'] = $usergroups; $data_array['steamapikey'] = $steamapikey; $data_array['command'] = "check"; $data_serial = serialize($data_array); ?> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $.post("http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/steam_receive.php", { data:<?php echo "'" . $data_serial . "'"; ?> }, function(info, status) { // alert("Data: " + info + "\nStatus: " + status); document.getElementById('result').innerHTML = info; }); }); </script> <?php } else { print("<center>Sorry, this test script only works if you have your site account linked with steam.</center>"); } As you can see, a varied amount of data is required, some is of course optional but best to get as much as possible. This is purely an example, and of course would not work as-is. But does give you a good idea of what is required to gather & transmit. Now the information gathered is more than likely all stored already in the site database, but some bits may require additional functions created to convert the data to be placed into the array for transmitting of course. One item that is not stored in the sites database would be $steamapikey, this is something that is unique and in the case of my scripts its basically my steam accounts developers api key code. And would be given upon request to anyone wishing to use any of the things I write. $username is obviously just the users site user name, with $musername being the same except with all the fancy fonts/style settings added. $steamid is the users STEAM_... bit, gathered from their steam linked profile (I have a function that converts from the steam 64 id if required). $usergroups is just a comma split list of all the usergroups on the site the user is in (just like my advanced teamspeak 3 script info above). I'm going to mod the code so that the $steamid can be either STEAM_... or the full steam 64 code soon, so it won't matter soon which is used as the parser script will automatically detect and use the right one accordingly anyways. --- Okay, think thats pretty much everything to do with the transmit side of things. If anyone wishes to use any of the above information feel free, and also if you want more information or require assistance contact me directly. Likewise if you have a guild/clan/group and wish to, you may use this information and can contact us to use on our TeamSpeak 3 voice or Steam based gaming servers as on the TeamSpeak 3 voice server for example we do allow guilds/clans/groups/etc their own private areas and the script information above can be used on that groups site to automate membership without having a user to connect to the TS3 server and pester any of that groups staff to get promoted, etc. The only thing that is required atm for either steam or teamspeak 3 systems thats not in existance at all on any sites database atm is the specially created keys for use in my scripts that tell the generator parser systems that the transmitter sites are legit. These are just a code that can be randomly generated, which can be either generated by myself or you can generate them for your group and inform me of it and I can add it to the allowed keys list.
  8. It has come to our attention that there are people going on TeamSpeak 3 servers and deliberately abusing exploits to cause other users clients to crash and require log deletions or client re-installs to work again. Please note we will not put up with that on any of our servers and you will be PERMAMENTLY banned across ALL our gaming, voice, and site systems! For those of you who have been effected by this we apologize if it happened on our host, please report any such issues. The exploits being used will be fixed in TeamSpeak 3 clients 3.0.15 when officially released, but for now if you so wish you can update to the current BETA client which has the fixes apparently already in place and ready to go. To do this you simply create a "update.ini" file wherever you installed the TeamSpeak 3 client to and add the following two lines to it: [Channel] beta=true You will need to copy/move this file to wherever you installed TeamSpeak 3 to, for Windows users this would either be (for 32-bit OS users) "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client" or (for 64-bit OS users) "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client". Linux users that used the custom script I wrote to install then it'd probably be under your home area in (32-bit OS) "Software/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x86" or (64-bit OS) "Software/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_x64" accordingly. Now restart TeamSpeak 3 then check for updates to update to the beta. FYI you'll not need to do this in the future as they FINALLY added a feature in the client options window to let you easily switch between Stable & BETA releases. Warning: Until 3.0.15 is final and publically released, do NOT select the Stable release option as you may experience problems. More information here!
  9. I am extremely upset, angry, confused, and am shaking a lot. I am most unhappy right now. Probably not in the best frame of mind to make decisions atm...

  10. If theres a call for this we still have a dedicated TF2: Competitive server setup using the officially endorsed ETF2L/UGC configs, maps, etc. Which we actually had setup for our ETF2L Highlander (aka 9s) group and then more recently for our 6s group. But quite recently the 6s group disbanded (no idea of the details, lack of interest or power struggle or something probably, I just setup servers not manage teams/etc on them) so that servers now empty. The server was setup for use for official home games against other teams as well as being available for practice matches for our team(s), so is setup and ready to go for use anytime. So if theres still call for this the server can be used again. Its setup to use the TFTrue plugin for ease of maintaining updates to the official ETF2L/UGC configs, along with rulesets/etc. And also records all matches as is required for competitive servers, as well as uploads all match logs to the logs.tf site. I have also went through and made all the settings options available to be toggled ingame via admins using the sourcemod admin menu. And as per request of the original 2 teams we setup a system where on the group site you could add/remove people to a special dedicated teams page which I then later managed to link directly to our steam servers database to allow us to mark the competitive team members with special privileges on the competitive server as well.
  11. On Aion, Rift, Spiral Knights and also Spirit Tales and other games, myself and others have had groups setup for some time, but hardly anyone took notice an bothered playing the games so although the groups are all still there not many bother playing anymore unfortunately. Which was a shame, I personally enjoyed all of them. Some players do however pop back now and then, so I do still see people visiting. EG: Aion: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/165-Aion AirMech: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/164-AirMech League Of Legends: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/172-League-of-Legends RaiderZ: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/166-RaiderZ Rift: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/174-Rift Spiral Knights: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/167-Spiral-Knights Spirit Tales: http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/forums/175-Spirit-Tales To name a few. We also ran on other games ranging from Star Trek Online to War Thunder, Tera, and others too, but back then there was not much call so we didn't create any sub-areas on the gaming site, but there probably are posts around somewhere. EDIT: Oh and some of the above we also setup dedicated TeamSpeak 3 group channels, so if anyone plays those games and wishes to join feel free to let me know and I'll invite and setup guild/clan/group access as well as on teamspeak 3 too if you use that (if not, why not!). EDIT: Surprised also no one remembered our other existing gaming servers we have running Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod, GoldenEye: Source, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Nuclear Dawn, Stargate: The Last Stand, Teeworlds, and TrackMania Nations Forever. And if I can ever get it running we'd also have a Alien Swarm dedicated server to play on too, which is another free-to-play game thats quite fun to get into and has lots of custom maps and whatnot.
  12. Very true, also you can add avatars to yourself, and mark people as friends/contacts to make it easier to find your friends (they get marked in a different colour) and invite them to your room(s).
  13. Well the actual script can be designed around whatever you lot can come up with. So be creative, think what you'd want the design to display, etc. What server stats/info do you want to see? Theres a great deal of output it can have, whether its just online/offline status or player counter (or even a full online player list for larger image outputs). The script can also output into png, gif, or jpg as well as text. So the designs/information can include text styles not just as a picture. The designs can be pretty much any size. So maybe come up with some banners, avatars, logos, etc. As we'll be able to use the script to create custom things for everyone to use if wished. At this stage, we just need some design ideas. Styles, Layouts, etc. The script can output various data onto the image, in various fonts, or even other graphics overlaid on top. But right now, I actually need both the main background design (the template as it were) and a sample of what it is your wanting it to display and look like/etc.
  14. Guys, we need some background images, style designs, etc, as we're close to finishing the new server status script for our servers (thats ALL our servers, Minecraft/Steam/Voice). Example page of the OLD styles. Note the hardcoded text, eurgh (new script has NOTHING hardcoded and will all be generated by the script so will be way more flexible and optional). Both the old and new scripts are a LOT more advanced and configurable than those examples give you an idea of. The script (atm the public/old one that is) has a great many options/settings for outputs/etc. EG: It can parse xml stats pages, or just check if a port exists and is used, etc. If it parses an xml page it can be told what items to check for and use, etc. The background images we need from you lot for the new script will just be purely backgrounds. They don't require any text on them, etc. Though you can have things like borders, or perhaps some graphics or something as long as you note that this will be the background base of the actual end status item. Though we would also like to have some sample designs on what you lot think the end images should look like, etc. What your after, and so on. By sample designs we mean something like the above example pages outputs, wherein you design a background then give us an idea of the information/layout/etc it will have and so on by drawing in the details you'd expect the end item to look like. One major thing we'll be having in the new script is a totalizer system, that is it'll let us optionally display a total # players online for either one/multiple/all servers. There's no actual set limits on how small or large the background images should be in height/width sizes, likewise text is optional as the online/offline can be either text or an image. Those of you who have dealt with web sites that do on-the-fly signature images, will know what to expect from our server status script, and what will be coming in the near future. Anyone interested in helping out on this, or want more info, etc, reply an I'll give you more info.
  15. Okay, so you want to join and use our TeamSpeak 3 Voice Server, you've come to the right place. But before you go further lets make sure you have the software you need. You do NOT require a microphone to use our voice servers, but it is of course highly recommended. You can still connect to our servers and LISTEN, and then of course you can still just use text chat on it! If you don't already have TeamSpeak 3 installed you can download the client HERE (for x86/x64 versions of Linux/Mac/Windows/Android/etc). Install this if not already, and lets continue. Right, so you've got the software, but don't know how to connect. Thats easy enough. Just follow the steps below and you'll be sorted in no time. Launch your TeamSpeak 3 Client. <- Goes without question, If you've never used it before, or never connected to anything, it may bring up a wizard popup. If so run through that, following its instructions. If it asks you, via a popup window, for connect information (Server Address, Nickname, etc) our servers address is: pnx.jrnetwork.net:9987 If it does not, then simply click the "Connections" menu and select "Connect" (or press CTRL+S, default keys) and fill the information in there. It'll connect you to our server, but in order to make that easier in the future click the "Bookmarks" menu option and add to your favorites list (NOTE: Give it a name/label so you know what it is). You can optionally tell it to automatically connect to our server whenever you start TeamSpeak 3, simply click "More" then tick the "Connect on Startup" option. To connect via a bookmark, you just click the "Bookmarks" menu option then select whichever server in your list you want and it'll connect. Alternatively to manual connection, you can simply click HERE (if you have TeamSpeak 3 installed that is!) and it will automatically connect/join the server for you. Moving about the rooms is very easy, just double-click on any room you want to enter and you'll go there (as long as its not password protected or private/admin/etc). Talking on the servers is dependent on what you've got your setup as, whether its push-to-talk (if so you hold whatever button you have setup as that then talk), or voice activation (just talk and it'll get sent). You may need to tweak an try various settings to get your setup exactly right. Mostly the generic setup should work but its up to you. If all else fails you can use the Setup Wizard via the "Settings" menu, or go more indepth via the "Settings" menu and selecting Options (or press ALT+P). Just remember, the rules we have apply to all our sites, and servers including our voice servers. Enjoy,

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