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  1. Buildex

    Building Team

    You have to change the View Settings of the Folder.
  2. Buildex

    Building Team

    Type %appdata% in search box on your computer when you click the Start Button (NOT THE POWER BUTTON!). How do you get to the Rest you say?! Well that's a Piece of cake, just click the Folder .minecraft then click the Screenshots folder! Simple Photo Tutorial
  3. I have launched my website, the problem is it's in BETA testing so there's not much content on the site... On the bright side I have a Temporary website

  4. I'm going to put iPR0G4M3RZ website back in development so hopefully I can get the website up and running by 7/01/2013! Maybe sooner!

  5. Well thanks for all of your help! To Reply to this, no there not Premium only I just found out how! Well thanks for all the help!
  6. Hey guys it's cms13, and I need help with my Permissions on JRCraft Server. O.k so I was needing help with a Mailbox and I met Truetone, and he wanted me to /TP (Teleport) to him so I tried and I got a error saying "You do not have any of the required permission(s); -", so I tried to resolve it and Truetone said I was suppose to have permission if I had registered on the site which of course I had, or else I couldn't post!!!!!! Well hope this can be resolved, thank you!
  7. Hey guys, my in-game name is cms13 and I need help on making a Hotel. I've already made the hotel but I want to create a system to Rent rooms to people for money, but I want to rent to them without me being online, think y'all could help? PS: Could I possibly use signs? Picture Of My Hotel: Email: Download this for pictures if the above link doesn't work, or for other reasons I couldn't think of!