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  1. I mean like I'm just working on whatever this room is gonna end up being
  2. I'm a little late to replying on these topics, but I use an iPhone 8 Plus currently mainly because my family has always used Apple products, and it's easier to get them because of what my dad does for his work and whatnot. I also just personally like iPhones better, but I still see why people like other devices over Apple. ;3
  3. I’m quite proud of my lock screen tbh... English teacher wearing Tele-Tubby Costume on Halloween lol
  4. Been tired and lazy the last couple days, but I'm finally getting stuff done today so it's pretty good ;3
  5. 320,840 blocks is too much

  6. i lost some levels i dont know the exact but i was past 60 on all ex tree felling and farming... fly was around 80-90 and i dont know about the others.