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    Minecraft, Ripstiking, rollerblading, biking, science, math, history... and reading wikis having to do with MC or mods. I have read mincraftwiki, and the wikis for buildcraft, industrialcraft, redpower, Thaumcraft, MCMMO, Equivalent Exchange, and about half of the Technic wiki.

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  1. I am curious to see how the chest protection will prevent people stealing using hoppers...
  2. I meant that I would have an endless supply of ingredients, and all I would have to do is craft it. In my SSP I may be adding the iron farm next. Hoppers drain my supply fairly quickly, since I recently used most of my iron in a monument.
  3. To put it simply, automation. I plan to automate as much as I can. I may not be allowed to automate certain things on JR, so I plan to do automation elsewhere. (private server) I invented an auto pumkin harvester, so I will link that up to a bunch of pumkin plants, to have automatic pumkins. I can also automate egg farming and sugarcane farming, so I will have a pumkin pie farm. -calculator98 P.S. Thanks Harsol for informing me about the seed planting. Somehow that escaped my meticulous attention to the change log.
  4. How will the Potatoes, Carrots, Wheat, and Nethar wart, be harvested and replanted? P.S. Floating islands inspired by Etho?
  5. There is an aspect of pride in the fact that some people take the time to use wheat to lead Mooshrooms over vast distances. I proudly lead mooshrooms over more than 7000 blocks to get them to my base, so yeah. The mobcatcher plugin would make things easier. The question is whether that is a good thing or not. -calculator98 P.S. Just because it makes things easier is not necessarily bad. Almost all additional content plugins make things easier in some way, because otherwise no one would use the plugin features.
  6. In fact, unless every single possibility of cheating was mitigated, then resetting the stats would destroy all legitimate work, and only give cheaters the opportunity to get to a high level again in a short period of time. In one week, all the legit scores would be gone, but the cheater scores would be back. Wouldn't it be better to just leave the scores the way they are, as
  7. Remember: the stats are still in limbo harsol, so you easily could lose them in a few days, if the community doesn't vote for the contrary.
  8. *Off topic* But does acrobatics really make a difference? Fly prevents fall damage. Also, zombie or spider camping to get acrobatics xp is not the only way. Just get a skeleton to shoot you while standing still, and the arrow will be deflected upward. Then, it could land on the player's head and be deflected again. If there are multiple arrows, it could be trying to hurt the person about 300 times a second. It happened once when I went afk with god on. I came back like 5 hours later (yes it had just restarted before I went afk), and the chat had about 50 *dodged* messages coming in eve
  9. At the same time, is this really what the community wants? If the vote is 5 members for keeping it, verses 3 staff for getting rid of the old stats, doesn't that say something?
  10. No problem. I actually visited your shop yesterday, so I know what is there...
  11. What about the other mindcrackers other than Docm777? Etho in particular should be added because he has more than 550,000 subscribers. That is tons more than most of those people up there. Besides, Etho is my favorite youtuber xD.
  12. That makes sense Tim. I think I jumped to that conclusion because Kyle had mentioned talking to Jamie about resetting the McMMO stats. In the future, I will try to refrain from making unfounded statements about staff. Anyway, I originally suggested the third option because I assumed that modifying stats was simply backspacing a number and inputting a different one. I gather that this is not the case?
  13. I am saying, the main reason that people wanted McMMO back was to get their hard-earned levels back. Also, how long would it take for a staff member to modify 5-10 peoples' McMMO stats? 15 minutes? an hour?
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