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Gassy Mexican

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  • Birthday 16/04/1998

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    Under Your Bed.
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    Programing, Gaming, Being Social, Sports, Girls

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    CPRocWare Official
  1. Ugh, I just want to be unbanned from JRTekkit... I WANNA PLAY! :l

    1. k2trf


      You were Temp Banned for griefing 13 blocks on the Tekkit server. When the Temp Ban is up, it will automatically unban you.

    2. Gassy Mexican

      Gassy Mexican

      Tim, Not necessarly, I asked for an apeal and I got unbanned.

    3. k2trf


      Just so you're aware, I took a look again - you were unbanned automatically by the system and then another member of Staff locked the topic; but it matters not. Welcome back :)

  2. Wow, I go off JrNet. for some months, and I found out that the best admin quit..

  3. Qu, you will be missed.. I remember me first joining the server and you first greeting me, you've been so nice.. I understand and agree with you... Best admin ever... Love you man!
  4. Have not been on jr since 2010 Jesus! Long time ago.. I will allways regret waisting my time on other servers, instead of going on to jrnetwork...


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