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  1. I like the older pokemon games better and my team rules. Go Charizard, Nidoking, Moltres, Lapras, Richu, and Dragonite.
  2. How do NPCs build their village if they cannot build let alone gather materials, witch leads to how do they get stuff to trade. But anyways if NPCs are so stupid how do they even have anything at ALL I mean you steal all the wheat, taters and carrots. You can also just steal everything in the village and they do not notice the difference other than getting killed much more easy. Those stupid NPCs must have no brain at all
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    some work from Pigland is uploaded
  4. Last time I saw npcs walking around they all just walk right into my TNT trap that works only at night and some also just decided to go and fall in a little hole that goes right into my sewers looks like they wont be coming out anytime soon or ever =b idiots
  5. ... sad face ...

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      What happened?

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      I'm guessing this (). After I replied, he opened another one, and then PMed me about it, and I told him I replied, but I don't think he's read it yet. :P


  7. Have you ever been to a mushroom island biome? if you have then you would most likely want to live there. But you have an awesome house with all of your stuff there and you cant go back because then you will not find the way back. so if you want to live in a mushroom biome then just make an enchantment table and hopefully you will get a silk touch enchantment (with book shelfs of course) and then just mine up some mycielum grass and some shrooms and find your way home. there you have ur little pice of the rarest biome.
  8. out of the car at last!

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    Awesome stuff

    Here is some stuff from the world I have worked the most on