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  1. iritated with the way things are going for me on jr, read my current blog post to see why im irritated

  2. 1. ericjjincson got away with killing me by having me tp to him and i was in a lava pit ,which i lost around 15 iron blocks,lots of gold,diamonds,diamond tools,lots of good stuff. 2.i wanted to help people so i was going to sign up and part of it was so i didnt have to worry about stuff like ericjjincson happening again. 3.when they realeased the new jrcraft EVERYTHING IN MY ENTIRE INVENTORY WAS GONE and i was having it good again and i'd filed a report about that, i jump on and nothing was done about it at all. 4. i cant even afford to go premium ; jamie, do you really think kids 14 and down have that much money?!! and also most parents wont pay that much. and with all of this im getting really annoyed and tired of it. oh when ericjjincson killed me i filed 2 reports about it and nothing was done. And im sorry jrcraft people but i dont think i want to play with all of whats happened.
  3. argh!! caught some sinus infection thingy while down in florida on vacation

    1. Jamie
    2. k2trf


      That's no fun...

      And seriously? How many JRers were in Florida when I was?! XD

  4. hey Tim its awesome that your going into the airforce, i cant becuase i have a VERY VERY VERY VERY severe food allergy when i eat the allergen i cant breathe and if it touches my skin i get hives,red skin. i had a skin reaction in the summer of 2009 and had one while down in florida just a few days ago. My teachers say its discrimination for not letting ppl w/food allergys in. but whats there for me to do about it because im 14 and there still wouldn't be much i could do. (i was planning on going to the airforce when i graduate but my hopes were crushed when i found this out. my allergy is severe off the charts no joke, im literally one of the 400+ in the U.S.A that has that bad of an allergy. i have to have an epipen (look these up if you dont know what they are) and a medic alert bracelet on me 24/7 NOT ONCE can i take it off and frankly my allergy has a 8% chance of going away. and we found out when i had a mouth reaction at 2yrs old
  5. lol, i was down there from dec.28-jan. 2nd btw happy new year tim!!
  6. well i just got back from a 3,180 mile long trip over christmas break to a popular park in the U.S.A if you know disney world ,which was a very long trip. our choir+band was performing there; so i rode down with my parents. i got back at 7:00 pm C.S.T time it was quite a long trip ; we also obviously went on rides and enjoyed the park (might i say my dad forced me on rides then i would yell and stuff but end up loving it we went on thrill rides mostly) if your wondering what one i yelled on,hated and was freaked out on it was the "Tower of Terror" its the only one i didnt like. On too the game stuff (because your probally bored to death right now) i played minecraft pocket edition on the way down and was building on to my cobble stone hotel which i would show but i dont know how to show a picture of something like that i have MANY things i'd love to show but can't. So if anyone knows how to do this for a kindle fire the first one NOT the new one please tell me immeadiatley by comment or pm or something. i have huge builds on there ,so i really want to show them. On minecraft PC i have some builds also. Sadly before i left i'd updated and jr hadn't so i could not play (that killed me, in the expression way) and now their realeasing it on the day i have my first school basketball game which is a bit of a pain but at least its a home game. see you later, smartman909
  7. i hate how when computers are so laggy you almost get killed a ton of times thats happened to me today

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