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Everything posted by Daisuke

  1. Add me on Discord @Raozd would be great to get back in touch with everyone

    1. Jamie


      Daisuke, Go to  https://jrnetwork.net/servers/list/ click on Join us on the right hand side. :D

  2. quite sad to see the minecraft hud destroyed, didn't know so much happened in the spawn of 2 years or so

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    2. Daisuke


      man, i surely was gone for a long time, like, i know in between that time i lost my position etc etc but just what exactly has been going on?

    3. Jamie


      How about me and you have a discord chat sometime, a voice chat or ill pm you later?

    4. Daisuke


      sounds good mate, im going to work in a few so hopefully soon

  3. 250!? who writes the rules when it comes to this!? (now before you think im acting aggressive, im not, this is a joke, please take it as a joke, if you don't feel the joke is funny, i am sorry that it bothered you) I want to talk to a staff! ... oh ... wait ... i am staff ... well ill be damn im not doing a very proper job anyhow, i went to the edit profile part and i cannot see any "member title" box anywhere
  4. so, you know how above your pic <----- there is a little title such as "member" or "advance member" and some people have different ones? well how do they do that!? i literally tried to search where to and i guess im too blind to see? idk send halp plz. thanks - Daisuke
  5. Im still wondering how to change the advance member in the up part of my pic <---- in other news everything else seems to be on point except for the lack of people, HOW do we call the attention of potential players?
  6. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO first of all, HI! long time no see! to the point skyrim just, what the hell is valve thinking, paid mods!? after all these years when respect and fun were more important than the dirty currency of the capitalism!? seriously it sucks 1/10 #freetheworkshop in other news, all mighty nexus still free, i think thats it, thanks! -Daisuke
  7. i support the idea of supporting ideas by supporting other ideas, ergo, i support this
  8. Daisuke


  9. It must be your server, mine connected just fine
  10. >great interior building >terrible exterior builder I have finally met someone like you. Iknowthefeels.jpeg
  11. Well hello dear reader, as you might had realized I am back after a little break and after finding my true self [insert very dramatically meditation background ... ZEN style!] i have decided to once again re-start the youtube career (for those who didn't know i used to have a youtube channel and i was kinda sorta popular (yet awfully terrible because at the time i didn't know much of video editing nor audio video production) and by mistake i deleted that channel ... the comments made me popular, not my videos) anyways, to the point, im asking YOU dear reader to drop your URL of your youtube channel so it can be featured in the end screen of the videos i am soon to make (of course with the help of other personal friends of mine) also willing to do partnerships play along with you etc etc thanks -Daisuke.
  12. >1080p playstation 4 >cheaper membership >whoplaysxboxonethesedayslol.png >why didnt you think of sony?
  13. Don't let work and skyrim get the best of you

  14. Don't let work and skyrim get the best of you

  15. "all we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!" - Big smoke to CJ, GTA: San Andreas
  16. as an Audio/Video production student, i got my hands on many good programs, such as Vegas pro and Adobe premiere pro, and if you want something simpler, use camtasia studio, or the (ugh) movie maker ... *shivers*
  17. if it aint a spyware it probably is a worm do a factory reset before it destroys everything
  18. >didn't got mention >still got respect 10/10 loved this -Daisuke
  19. so i need some help to get certain power ups and yadda yadda yadda, http://bit.ly/1nftOCD if you dont have the game and wish to help me there is a link to download the game (both Andriod and IOS compatible) if you already have it still help me! whenever you manage to battle in stage 7 (Japan) you will be able to put a code (8avw1) you get 10k XP (which you really need it) and yeeee help a bro out plz!
  20. Daisuke

    Keep Inventory

    DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! HIS COVE CONSTRUCTION HAS MADE HIM A MADMAN! (disclaimer: all of this is suppose to be taken as a joke)

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