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    Ruler of da Rulers
  • Birthday 21/02/1995

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    I like eating chicken while watching TV and i LOVE playing MINECRAFT

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    Gameboy Color
  1. We shall post photots of us in minecon because im going with XGZ yayayaya. the only reason were going is because we live in Paris which is next to DISNEYLAND so yeh we think we shyould share the love and the joy oohhhh yeeh loololololl we hope everybody will enjoy the virtuql minecon yippeeeee (and disney) im sry for typo its a stupiid french *** keyboard
  2. Thanks to all for voting and making better suggestions for the servers diamond mining timer :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  3. Hey guys this vote is a vote against that diamond mining timer for citizen + and premium because recently i found two veins of diamonds but i couldnt mine the second vein so i left and when i came back they were gone Max aka alan4998
  4. alan4998

    It's time. My goodbye

    Jamie you da best server owner ever know to this minecraft world and it makes me sad that you hav to leave and i dont want you to go but it is true that you should pick your future instead of MINECRAFT and the best server ever JRCRAFT and that you pick your future over your awesome server but i understand your choice chosing your relationship zith your parents and close ones over your minecraft server From Max aka alan4998
  5. alan4998

    It's time. My goodbye

    I have even put up a little shrine to remember you at my shop
  6. alan4998

    It's time. My goodbye

    Jamie you are the best owner of any server i have know and the nicest but i understand why you are leaving so i wish goodluck
  7. LOL great trailer gud way to help da server man LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL SUPER GUD! (if i made a trailer it would be worst GRPHIX) LOL

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