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  1. @MarkMax13 I think this is a great idea!
  2. I wont be on for the grand opening cuz i have school
  3. seeing as that was on the Jr premium purchase page, do jr premium members get to go onto the new jr before regular members?
  4. Hey guys! Im looking for someone who knows how to code community bridge .... im trying to make a "bridge" between my ip board and my minecraft server ... help ? Thanks !
  5. Well Well .... I guess people do wut they gotta do ... still I cant wait till im like 16 and be able to get ranks ... until then ... ill help out as much as I can on Jr
  6. hey guys.... I was looking around the Jr v16 site and clicked on apply for helper... To my surprise I saw that the age function security thing said: you must be at least 16 years of age to apply ... did the minimum age get changed again ???
  7. Looks Awesome like really really really awesome ... I think im the first jr member to read this .. im so proud !!!! .... No but serious ... really cool .. GREAT work guys !
  8. ya plz explain ... no but im working on a new version with a new song (again) ... im trying to get it out as soon as i can but seeing that im working on a new computer ,and also working on my own server, it might be pushed out a bit later.
  9. Entry #6 Minecraft IGN: XGZ_SAMSTERZ Screenshots: None Warp: /warp XGZwinter Server: JR Craft
  10. Its ya great to have you on jr ... and its really sad that you are leaving .... but ya do wut you gotta do ... hope you dont leave forever
  11. It would be awesome if you checked out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SamsterzDivision?feature=mhee

  12. @Wolf .. I'm just curious, what are you gonna use the logo for ?
  13. After I looked at some arrowchat video and website and read about it I decided that we should reanable it for many reasons: We could advertise this in the trailer... It has games to make people go onto the formums and therefore participate moreIts better then going to messegss and looking trying to find the message you want and then going back Every time you want to respond. (in the new version 1.6) Its better then Jr Shout (even though Jrshout is cool) Its Just plain Awesome Jack paid the money so we should use it. if it bugs on this website it should be on the new one. These are my reasons.... hope it gets readded
  14. @Jamie I was wondering if i could promote the trailer on youtube to do a bit of advertising once i polish it up ? I would pay for it myself of course

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