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  1. OK! Well, thanks for the warning! At least I can bar you off my list... Not permanently, of ocurse. I kinda want to make a 'team'. I know Wolf, pretty well, I will try to get him on it... Know anybody who would be willing to help?
  2. Working on the Community show-off project! It will be AMAZING, I can tell you that! :)

  3. (PM to Tim): Hi Tim! Would you like to help me with this project? Thanks! -Chris And i will do a little sample video with my house... Just to show people what to do!
  4. Well, Maxime, I don't see you doing any game reviews. Maybe you hsould start, if you're so much of the expert!
  5. You can play the game over at:
  6. Welcome back! Mechris445 is here, giving you a long (er) review of an AMAZING indie game he found! Hope you enjoy! Oh and, Tim, I'm using my new mike
  7. Yeah xD! My mike volume was HORRIBLE, so I had to enhance it a bit... At the cost of the f*cking static... I will talk louder next time And use my new mike which arrived a few weeks ago... Derp.
  8. The Game review is here! Click link to watch!
  9. Oh wait! I will actually be starting off with Knight Runner, a small Indie game production! I will bear in mind all of the others though. I really want to start small...
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, guys, though I think I will start with the Binding of Isaac. I checked it out, and it looks amazing. Also I have very low funds :/ But I get donations from if you know what I mean
  11. Tell me about them damn exams.... I've been revising non-stop for them for the past 2 weeks... And today is the first day!!! Gaahhhhh!! For those who didn't understand, we go to the same school, so same problems... Damn sadistic teachers.
  12. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

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      How much wood could Chuck Norris Chuck if he could chuch wood?

      Answer: All of them :P

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    4. Chris Da Biker
  13. Holy... THANKS EVERYONE for being so supportive! I didn't think this idea would get so much love! Anyway, I think it hsould be an article, as everyone on JR needs to see it.
  14. So, can I consider this topic approved? Is there a way to put this on the front page? Like where everyone could see it? Also, I am in charge of the project, right?