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  1. *sigh* So, after I get off work, most days I'll browse the forums, especially if I haven't gotten much of a chance to get on in the past few days. Most days I'm greeted by awesome updates from Jamie, or information on the next big thing on the server. But some days, I'm greeted by......well, pure, unadulterated genius. ------------------------------------- For the unflogged and uninitiated, the Advice Corner is where I post tidbits of information forwarded to you great people for the sole purpose of making your lives easier, and quite possibly the lives of everyone around you. I do so not demanding that you think or behave exactly as I do, instead simply to share life experiences and things that might make your day suck a little less. Discussion is encouraged, flaming is not, and especially in the case of things that are related to the JR community, I don't name names and *neither* *will* *you*. That way lies flamewars, and there will be none of that. ------------------------------------- Today we're talking about the much-vaunted concept of "freedom of speech". The term "freedom of speech" is pretty much what it sounds like. An individual is free to express his opinions and beliefs, whatever they may be, without fear of legal reprisal, and is protected from reprisal from outside entities under the law. Whether or not whatever is said offends people can be an important question, but legally, not relevant. Under this concept, an individual is in fact allowed to walk down the street proclaiming that Hitler was right and they are a walking jelly donut, destined to be eaten by the masses. Just because they can say it doesn't make it true, but they can say it without being accosted by the law, and are protected by the law from people seeking to do physical and psychological harm because of said comment. Like all basic freedoms, however, this one ends when it infringes on the rights of others. Pertinent example: Individual 'A' thinks the world is going to end. So he stands in the driveway of a house owned by individual 'B', demanding repentance from passersby. 'A' has the right to free speech, he can say whatever he wants. 'B' comes out of the house, and demands that 'A' leave. Who gets what they want? Since the property is owned by 'B', he has sovereignty on his own land. After asking 'A' to leave, if 'A' doesn't, he is infringing on 'B's right to sovereignty. While 'A's right to freedom of speech doesn't exactly end in whole, it does end in that particular spot, since standing where he was infringes on someone else's rights. He can still say whatever he wants, he just has to do it someplace else. Examples aside, let's boil down to the issue that prompted this wonderfully long speech: Free speech in Minecraft. Short version? Doesn't exist. Seriously, it doesn't. Players are no longer in their home, on their country's soil. They are on the "soil" of the owner of the server. As owner, he has sovereignty, and a player's freedom of speech doesn't apply on someone else's property. The player can say whatever he wants to at his house, or on the street, but then they aren't infringing on the rights of the property owner by spouting on his lawn. It's also not particularly intelligent to anger the people the owner has hired and given the express ability to determine when, where, and how to kick people off the lawn. Making sure the meaning of what's being said is clearly understood by both sides in a limited chat environment is very important, but I'll cover that next article. In short, try not to piss people off. Especially not the local law.
  2. Keep in mind, I believe(correct me if I'm wrong) that the old world will eventually be decommissioned as soon as everyone has moved over. And yeah, a giant influx of items from the old world will nuke the new world economy. EDIT: Whoops, accidentally typed the phrase "new world economy". Probably on a government watchlist now......
  3. It can be, but again, if they know they're going to be gone a while, they should post in the Away Forum. I wonder if it'd be possible to manually flag a user that has posted AFK, so the script doesn't run. I know manually flagging sucks, but it's not like there a huge droves of people in the AFK. And re-registering isn't that big of a deal, I had to do it when I came back, and since I already knew the score, I just went and did it. Our system is pretty painless.
  4. What the..? How in god's name can I tame an enderman!? .....wantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwant.....
  5. There are quite a few vastly different areas in that field. You can go more toward the collection side, dealing with mining and the raw ore, or raw material production, which is taking that ore and turning into something someone else can use, i.e., taking iron ore and turning it into cold-rolled steel bar stock. Welding itself is a hugely varied profession, and a very necessary one. The options there are night, day, and everything in between; everything from structural steel buildings, to oil pipelines to aerospace welding. There are quite a few different kinds of metalworking processes as well, different metals, techniques, high tech, low tech, and of course what I do, which is really, really low tech, being your neighborhood friendly oldtimey blacksmith.
  6. I've seen a few of them, usually there's a time delay on block regen. I was mining in a great big 'floor block', and dug a tunnel straight down through it. I spent a good 15 minutes cruising through that thing, and nothing regenerated until I had made my way back up top and spent a solid 5 minutes afk. Basically all a prison server is, is a small freebuild server with one hell of a registering process in front of it. Roleplaying aspect aside, of course. It'd have to be yet another world, and personally, I'd rather see an adventure or RP world get more prevalence.
  7. Wait......."first purchase of any membership"? Am I a little SOL on this? I used to be VIP, before we switched over to Gold/Plat levels. Note: This is also a point for anyone who's had a different membership level before, I'm probably going to get it anyway.
  8. You are responsible for your account, and the security thereof. Therefore, any action that may or may not have been taken by you or another third party are still attributed to your username. Remember to keep your password safe, and firewalls and antivirus programs up-to-date. And by 'safe', no, letting someone else use your account, up to and including your siblings, friends, distant relatives and El Diablo, is not considered 'safe'.
  9. Well, at least one good thing did come of this. I still get the JRN emails. So I'm sitting here, minding my own business, doing...what it is I do...and I see an email from Qu. And then promptly found myself wondering what in the hells you people were doing to the server. So I popped back in out of curiousity, and, hey, I'm going to be stuck where I am for a while, real-life-wise, so what the hell, let's play some Minecraft. So I'm back.
  10. It's client/server versions. We're going to be locked out of the server until the server-side is updated, or, for now, you can find a 1.8 downloader or patcher and revert to 1.8. Not sure, but I think MCPatcher will do it.
  11. So occasionally, I like to post some tidbits of knowledge I've picked up along the road. Please understand I'm never trying to hold anyone by the throat and say, 'THINK LIKE THIS!!' here. That said, these are simply bits of philosophy, psychology, or general ideas I've learned over the years, and now share for your benefit. Having that caveat out of the way, lets talk about something we all know and hate: Trolls. For clarification, what I mean by a 'troll' is someone who enters chat and proceeds to spread insults, aggravating comments, and often racial or sexist remarks in an attempt to get a negative reaction from others present. Now, unfortunately, what happens most often is when a troll appears, most people get caught up in the argument, and completely overlook the fact that there's usually very little substance behind it. Quite simply, to these people, somehow this has become a recreational activity. It doesn't matter what the topic is; you could be arguing about egg vs cereal for breakfast, or is Obama an effective president, or just a snickers bar, it doesn't matter. They're just getting a rise out of you. Now, it's actually fairly easy to get rid of these people. If you're playing a game, and the game ceases to be fun, do you continue playing? Most would abandon the game, and find something else to do. The same goes for trolls. If trolling ceases to be fun, they'll usually give up and go find some other poor sap who hasn't read this to abuse. That said, remember that venting your growing rage on them, something that deters continued conversation in normal situations, is exactly what they want. There's quite a few possible ways to get rid of these pests, but I find there are two in particular that tend to be relatively effective. The first is simply to log out for a bit. Yes, it's annoying. I of all people really hate to be interrupted when I'm in the middle of something. But just take a small, 10-15 minute break. Stand up, stretch, get a drink, hit the head, etc. Secondly, just don't respond to them. Simply put, if no one is talking to them, they will leave in short order. They can yell all they want to about how Australia is better, or some such nonsense, but if no one is paying attention, the game will get boring, and your troll problem takes care of itself. One last note to remember. It only takes one person to respond to the troll, and get him to stay. Quite bluntly, if the rest of the server is ignoring a troll to get him to go away, and you're sitting there arguing with him over a debate with no logic or purpose, you are the one subjecting your mates to this nonsense. It's all to easy, and happens far too often, that once one troll shows up, he creates trolls out of all the people that think yelling at him is the best solution. So remember kids, don't feed the trolls, lest you become one. Just be the better man, woman, or child, and walk away. Figuratively or literally speaking.
  12. So we have blogs now. Sweet. As the description implies, this will often be filled with blacksmithing, crazy people, job hunting, garage sales, small tidbits of advice, and general nonsense. Enjoy. Also, I need a new profile pic.