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  1. I Totally Agree I Was Getting Ready To Say That Same Thing. I Mean I Been Playing For Almost A Year Now And I Don't Get Premium. I'm Not Begging For Premium But, The People Who Been Playing For A Longer Time Deserve More Respect I Guess
  2. Hey Guys Want To Be Rickrolled Here You Go You Just Been Rickrolled
  3. I made a video. im not that good at videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPab15_iF9A
  4. Post Your favorite Youtube Comedy Stuff Below I'll go first
  5. Bye Tim Hope You Have A Good Future!
  6. Actor: Will Smith Or Matt Damon Music/ Song: Learn To Fly By: The Foo Fighters Here Is The Lyrics To Learn To Fly Music Genre: Classic Rock Movie:Bourne Supremacy Here Is The An Awesome Part Of The Movie
  7. Ezvid takes 45 minite videos for free
  8. Prism action Sci-Fi film By:Corridordigital you might wanna hit full screen on this one. mario warfare Ep: 1 enjoy! mario warfare 2 enjoy VGHS Ep:1 enjoy dig build live Ep:1 spawn enjoy dig build live 2 shelter enjoy minecraft: the last minecart enjoy Minecraft: diamonds are forever enjoy my JR video... lol enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ng5NebAsZk
  9. how do i paste a video to the page?
  10. Happy birthday! Sorry, no cake, BECAUSE THE CAKE IS A LIE!
  11. I heard diphthong123 got band from JR and I am really upset he did. Yeah I know that sounded extremely selfish but i think Diphthong123 should get another chance you know he made tons of things in JR with me. He is extremely sorry that he greifed. To be honest who plays creative . He would be bourd out of his mind if he could never play JR again. No joke! By the way JR is his favorite server and its also my favorite server. Truly, without diphthong123 Dipwill inc wouldn't be anything . Anyway please, can you let diphthong123 on.
  12. how do i send a screen shot? i took the picture but i dont know how to send it?
  13. this parkour is a pieceO'cake in my opinion maybe it's because i did part of T3C.
  14. ohh my! great idea. This sounds great but were will u be hosting it?
  15. you kinda need to make topics longer. this isn't even a topic you could of just wrote this in chat box or somewhere that would make more sence

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