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  1. I'm not going to vote because I haven't been here that long, but I will say one thing. New worlds should start clean, plain and simple.
  2. RPG loot in my opinion need to be removed as it really leaves you prone to other mobs nearby. The Herobrine one is cool but the frequency of attacks needs to be lowered i get attacked and killed roughly every 5-10 mins unless i somehow miraculously survive.
  3. Yay! it connects! Thank you everyone for your help, and thank you Tim for the IP!
  4. that didnt work either... do you happen to know the IP Number? I could try a direct connect.
  5. Tried it, it didn't work. BTW It's only the JRCraft server that is doing it.
  6. Yes, I am using play.jrcraft.net, I cannot refresh the router. i did the /flushdns before i even posted this. so i guess im just out of luck, even though i was playing not even 20 mins ago.
  7. when i click multiplayer on my client, The JR server that i play on says "can't resolve hostname." Can someone help me?
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