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    Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, My Little Pony FIM, Borderlands 2, Left for Dead, any game that i can wreak havoc of some sort, essentially going crazy.

    also hadoukening.

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  1. That was quite loud. not suprising cause it happens in almost every scary thing but nonetheless loud and sudden. also regarding cloudsdale, ima ask for help by some bronies who know their ponies well and who are good at building. if not then iggy ima show you that i can make it.
  2. i've finally found and read cupcakes. my inital reaction: what am i supposed to feel, and eeeeeUUUUUUGGHHHHH. Also at one point in time i plan on building a scale model of Cloudsdale in minecraft. anyone wanna join?
  3. im going to give it a chance. just give it the benefit of the doubt. if it sucks then it sucks. funnily enough, most bronies had the same opinion of equestria girls as they had when they first watched mlp
  4. When there is no one to help you up when you fall, you must persevere and help yourself

  5. Equestria Girls anyone? Opinions? Thoughts?
  6. I have a challenge! MEMEIFY THIS!
  7. I can't seem to find the original cupcakes, any help please?
  8. borderlands updated again now mooss and i can't play together. D: but there's TF2! I'm working on different ways to rocketjump

  9. My Stupid idea is that i can get cupcakes out of my head by facing it face first. Because since when has that ever gone wrong, right? once more i am the first on the next page, which seems to happen a lot to me.
  10. I'm considering reading the fanfic Cupcakes. Ugh anything I can be warned of before reading and possibly consumption/corruption of the mind?
  11. Although I think you don't like anthro-ish stuff, what you said kinda reminds me of a fanfic I'm reading called Five Score Divided by Four I'd like to put a link but I'm on my phone. EDIT: this might not work but yolo http://www.fimfiction.net/story/93383/five-score-divided-by-four
  12. ...I now have get ready to die stuck in my head... heh...heh heh...uhhhhhhhh... why don't i ask you a question?
  13. hhhhhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhhh...... Mooss: Here comes the parade Oh sorry. lol welcome! (the flutters side of me, sometimes too polite IT can happen @MajestikMooss!) P.S. Also sorry for multiposting. just catching up on what i missed...@IgbarX, don't do that agaaiiin! also feel free to join mooss and i on borderlands or TF2, it has been quite quiet...for us at least.
  14. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznnnnfnfnfrrkkkk...! hn? wha...what WHaat is it? uagh im back and i got bored enough to read 3 different short fics in one night and still be awake enough to browse for more news regarding season 4 soooooo what's new? oh yeah i found this.
  15. Once I upgrade my PC, i'm going to be making videos of mainly just games or Source FlimMaker. I'm thinking of remaking Meet The Spy into ponies
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