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  1. Ragnarok issue has now been resolved and the map has now been reloaded thanks for your patience and I'm sorry for the downtime caused!
  2. Restarting Ark Ragnarok at the moment, should be resolved after restart Loading up at the moment to test
  3. Hello Barb long time no see! I hope that you're well and it's great to see you back
  4. i am for sure up for this :D, and the wasteland? hasn't it now been confirmed as the Allpalachia
  5. Hey All, Rally your fireteam together and get ready as this month playstation plus users have the option to redeem Destiny 2 along with the below titles completely free! Destiny 2 (PS4) God of War III Remastered (PS4) Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4 & Vita) QUBE Director’s Cut, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4) Sparkle 2, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 & PS4) Foul Play, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Good luck, Have fun and Enjoy your freebies.
  6. Hello fellow gamers and dragon ball z fans! I am writing this post with regards to the mobile game "Dokkan Battle" which is a game from the Dragon Ball Z universe which allows you to create multiple teams of the most iconic and also lesser spoken of characters and go through all the Cannon and non cannon story-arcs as well as complete special events and awaken your characters to higher levels! I have personally been heavily invested into this game as a free to play however there are micro-transactions available which are not required. I am curios if there are any players within our community and am happy to add users to the ingame friends list to benifit from the Friend Card in battle! Kind regards! P.S I have attached screenshots of the current 4 team's I have created.
  7. I would love for a summer home :O! or even just a new home haha, living in a flat at the moment is no fun :3
  8. It sucks that our kindness can have this sort of turn around!, I am sorry to hear that your friend did not respect your property and also that they did not give your controller back until you got it yourself. I have had similar experiences when I was a little younger and it was not fair at all.
  9. I've heard rumours about it and I am sure if they changed the screen type then absolutely as it's a little dull no matter what, Samsung for me is just something i've always found great quality in, the screen is so bright, the shape is great, I love the default launcher and stuff I would like to see what they both bring to the market either Razer or Samsung. Luckily having two contract's running makes the choice easier so I am not going to regret it to much if I make a poor choice.
  10. i currently use the Razer phone which I obtained due to my partner breaking her phone and me allowing her to use my Vodafone contract which was for a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (which is an amazing device) and I am also enjoying the razer phone however I will be returning to samsung galaxy S10 (or whatever they decide to call it)!
  11. @Jamiea similar mod however platforms plus looks much more player friendly for treehouse builds (works abit like structures plus I'd imagine) and feel it would make a great addition to JR (as for the current tree house mod we have upon making an upcoming poll I feel it should be removed and replaced with the above) @Defnitly Not Schoen thank you for your suggestion!
  12. Me and @MartaThePanda have also recently moved into the neighbourhood, lots of friendly neighbours, a noisy bunch to say the least but great group!
  13. I would like to nominate the world renowned and personally useless game "7 days to die" or as me and @Chris found out 7 Hours to find your mate, 7 minutes to realise we're getting no where and 7 seconds to refund ^>^! I personally did not enjoy this game at all! I have a vast library of games I could go through but due to the expierence we had in such a short time i feel this is the title that comes to mind!
  14. The Rise of Ravek the first! All hail Ravek In all seriousness welcome back!