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About Me

Good Morning afternoon or evening to you nosey little minions :D

I see you have found yourself looking at my profile... for reasons which I am unsure ?

Maybe to say hello, or find my contact information below :o


Or maybe It's to read a little bit about Me and My time here at JR Craft :P

lets not keep you waiting then


It all started one snowy day in December (the 5th to be exact) I stumbled and fell upon planet minecraft and went through a few servers, none really caught my attention, all seemed too simple and like they had a pattern... Then I noticed an IP play.jrcraft.net something seemed to call out to me and I decided to log in and was greeted with a large spawn and a very snow themed build with gorgeous fountains and I quickly registered from instructions given by a member/staff member who was there to meet me.... As soon as I registered I began to fall in love with the simple things that stood out, flight being one of the many.


I enjoyed the server that much that within the first 16 hours I had ran to the bank just to pay a little extra £20 to obtain the premium rank and to vanish, use god mode etc. I done this to also advance in helping all members and used a house I created in a desert to gather materials and teleport to players and deliver them.


In doing this within the first week I befriended a lot of people including now fellow staff members such as Chris Rock melons CommanderAIK and yes even Jamie himself along with a few staff members who are no longer with the team ( which i will never forget )


Within weeks I obtained the respect of the staff team and after speaking with Jamie on a personal level and creating a strong trusting friendship with him I was offered to become a member of the JR Staff Team and as you do I said yes with no hesitation, I now had a role, responsibility and most of all a challenge to myself to allow others to share the fun and excitement I had found only weeks before, to Experience the things I loved and continue to push my learning and respect for the hard work into my role :) l


Before finding JR I must admit Minecraft for me was nothing but a pass time for when I was bored, single player was becoming drained and repetitive but since then it has quickly become an annoyingly addictive way to meet people and give as much back to the social community as much as I possibly could with any power I had


During My Short time doing what I do for this for the community here at JR Craft I Have went from

Citizen To Senior Staff / EU Head Which for me has been the best experience I have had

I'am proud to hold the title in which i do - It was a true honour to be selected for an opportunity like this and in doing so I have sure learned skills to take into further life, parent hood and day to day challenges


I could never thank every single member enough for what has been put into this community weather its public on our servers or behind closed doors, the end result for me in all honesty was life changing and will forever continue to grow no matter what


Although i have heard that some players are not so happy of my quick promotions, most of the others say i deserved it and all I can say is it's happened and it is now my rank and role to represent to the best that I can and I will do all that I can to prove myself good enough to hold it


I aim to be as much assistance as I can and over the years I have obtained the ability to handle many different types of people and situations in which this will be used to fulfil the tasks set :)


Thank You for reading :)