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  1. You SOOOOOO made that in Creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheatteerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lolololololololololol. ................Sell it to me? ~Dev.
  2. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL. People should really put their actual pic instead of random crap.. REAL PIC. LIKE ME.
  3. YES. Oh, and also, Jugga and I agree, Pokemon. Just.... Pokemon.
  4. Thanks Tim good eye! I forgot that XD And no worries Alex, I got to lvl 60 by doing it that way until Frosty pointed it out And yes Frosty agreed, doesn't quite make sense. Haha. Also, the sugar cane and nether warts should be higher up there,but they're not even on the restrictions/levels yet. Lol. I am sure when Jamie gets time he will sort it all out! Thanks Dudes ~Dev
  5. Thanks Frosty! (: And Igbar that made me laugh!!! hahahahahaha.
  6. I have recently noticed a lot of new people and even some who are regulars asking about the new JR levels and the removal of MCMMO.. So I decided to make a list of the basics for all the levels/advancements for the skills.. First you should note, to see your personal skills, type: "/skills" in-game. To check the top ranking player for each skill, type: "/skills ranks" in-game. To check the top ten of an individual skill, type: "/skills ranks (Skillname)" in-game Note that when you are typing the name of a skill, it HAS TO HAVE a capital beginning letter.. (Ex: "skills ranks Digging") If you do not capitalize the skill name, it will not recognize it and will not work. The current skill-set is: -Mining -Treefelling -ToolCrafting -Digging -Flying -Building -Farming With more to come in the future according to Jamie 'Rebel24' (the owner/operater) For each skill, you will need to level up in order to use better tools, and gather more resources.. Here are the skill ranks you need for each skill.. For all tools: (Note that you will need to level up tool-crafting in order to craft the specific type of tool) Tip: Only craft one tool at a time, as it counts the experience for each tool made individually. So Shift+Clicking for multiple tools at once, will only count as making one item. ~ToolCrafting~ -Lvl 10: Stone Tools -Lvl 20: Iron Tools -Lvl 40: Gold Tools -Lvl 60: Diamond Tools ~Mining~ -Lvl 5: Ability to mine Coal -Lvl 25: Ability to mine Iron -Lvl 30: Ability to mine Redstone -Lvl 35: Ability to mine Gold Ore -Lvl 45: Ability to mine Lapis Ore -Lvl 50: Ability to mine Diamond -Lvl 65: Ability to mine Obsidian -Lvl 75: Ability to mine Emerald ~Farming~ (When you start out, you can farm Wheat Seeds, Sugar Cane, and Nether Wart) -Lvl 10: Potatoes and Stone Hoes -Lvl 25: Carrots, Melon's, and Iron Hoes -Lvl 40: Cacti, Pumpkins, and Gold Hoes. -Lvl 60: Diamond Hoe usage. ~Flying~ The new flying system requires that you have Coal in your inventory to be able to fly; The Coal is used up as you fly. The higher your level becomes in flying, the more time interval there is between when it uses up a Coal. Also remember, you need to toggle flying by typing "/fly" Tip: Remember to toggle Flying OFF when you are not using it, as even if you are not flying, the coal will continue to be used up as long as Fly is toggled on. ~Digging~ (Follow the ToolCrafting guide to know when you can use different types of spades) You can dig all blocks right away. (Dirt, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Soulsand, etc..) ~TreeFelling~ (Follow the ToolCrafting guide to know when you can use different types of axes) You can cut down all blocks right away. (Spruce, Oak, Birch, Jungle, etc..) ~Building~ (Currently no restrictions on building) ~GodMode~ Every player will have the ability to access GodMode. As the player levels up, he will gain 1 more minute of GodMode. When the GodMode 'runs out' there is a 20 minute cool-off period. Note: Premium players will not have a set limit on Fly mode or God mode. I really hope that this guide helped out and answers everyone's questions.. Note that all of the above is subject to change as it is a work in progress. There will also be more skills and perks added as time goes on. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on here or in-game! Thank You, ~Devin10k [Helper]
  7. Devin10k


    Wooohooooooo!!!!! I am officially broke! Lol oh well.. I have been helping (Jamie) test out the new server previously to it's release and I think in the long run it will be well worth it and it makes the server more unique than any other server I've played on.. Yes, there are pro's and cons, but overall I say it's an 8.5/10!!!! (My opinion) Enjoy! I know I will be! ~Dev
  8. Devin10k

    helper help

    I agree with everything Frosty just said. Couldn't have said it better myself. But I will add that being a Helper (Or any member of staff for that matter) is about working out issues/drama and creating and helping to solve the situation in a calm, mature manner.. No one playing Minecraft wants to see an argument go on and on and on, especially not for hours, and DEFINITELY not dragged out for days. There's a reason that there is an age limit, and even though everyone matures at a different rate, you have to be able to proccess and understand the situation.. be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. ~Dev
  9. Hello all! It's been awhile since I've posted about my shop, so I figured I'd give you some updates! I have recently lowered all prices to meet the demands of everyone. Apparently my prices were "too high", so they have been lowered to a more realistic amount. (: My shop has everything you need and more! And I am always in stock! (If I ever run out of any item(s) be sure to inform me ASAP! The items I carry include: -Precious Gems -Building materials (Wood, Stone, Brick, Glass, etc..) -All kinds of foods! -Potions! (Recently added) -All wools! -And more valuable items for your home/shop including: ~Anvil ~Enchantment Table ~Noteblock ~Bookshelves ~Brewing Stands and more! I have also expanded the shop to the top (3rd) floor for even MORE items! Please be sure to stop in and check it out! To get there anytime, just do "/warp 10kshop" Thank you all for your business, it's been a pleasure playing on this server! I enjoy meeting new friends and most everyone is helpful and friendly! So keep the business flowing! Thank you fellow JRcrafters (: Happy valentine's Day!!! <3 ~Dev
  10. The warp to my shop is: "/warp 10kshop" team TJB. And thank you! ~Dev
  11. Thanks Chris! yeah I love this texture pack! Probably doesn't look as good with any other texture pack. I notice a lot of people using SphaxCraft TexPack, I used to use it, but it makes everything look like a cartoon, lol.
  12. Haha yeah it's coming along really well!
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