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  1. Question: What is the plan with the map? I have not looked up to see if 1.12 can be easily updated to 1.13...
  2. Well, hello again everyone, has been a long time! After playing for a short bit on the server there are several things that I would like to suggest and I also have a few questions. Suggestions: Allow members and above to utilize the /rg flag <id> greeting; /rg flag <id> farewell I suggest this to allow people to become more personalized with their builds... after all building and exploring is a part of minecraft Allow members and above to utilize the /rg flag <id> creeper-exlposion false Otherwise creepers can damage protected grounds which may not be an
  3. Good evening, This was such a long time ago, I cannot remember what I did to fix it, but a little after that, my laptop got to the point to where it overheats (need to tear everything out and re thermal paste everything and clean fan) to where I could cook on it. I have built a new computer as well around this time last year. Hope all is well. Take care, have fun, and game on! -Anio
  4. Just a friendly little bump here for Nasty65! @Jamie , @Kyle , and at anyone else who may be able to help in this matter! Take care, have fun, and game on!
  5. AnioNovus


    There are at least three maps set up (halfway) but need some work still. These are through the warhub and can be found with the command [ /warhub ]. They are located near the starter city (we never decided on a better name, someone should get on that). 1. (CTF) Halo map Jeddy and a few others made 2. (CTF/TDM) Castle wars map I made though I dont know if i set it up for CTF and/or TDM but has been used for both in the past. 3. (TDM) Pirates... arrr matey! In addition, there are a few other maps that I didn't get around to putting in yet. I think I was having an error with it or didnt copy
  6. Love the choice Robbie! Haven't listened to that one in a few months (or it seems like it, I cannot remember the last time I listened to that)
  7. Sweet voxels a jumping! That is what I was looking for. On my first look through, I did not catch that option ( o_O did someone sneak that in , joking of course) Thanks, -AnioNovus
  8. AnioNovus


    EDIT: Solved / already in place. Hello, I went to clean up my message box as I see that I am at 40% of my message amount. I see that I can leave each one individually; however, it would be awesome to see a catch all clean up option so that I can clear the whole thing and/or selected messages. This is just a suggestion for space management and yes, I am only at 40% and not at 97% or so. But as a group grows and assuming us users will keep in contact on the website, it would be nice for a faster clean-up of the inbox. Especially if you plan on appealing to other groups (sub-groups within JR,
  9. Too low spec computer, and mystery games that no longer are playable on the computer for me (minecraft and Civilization 5) due to FPS issues (minecraft) and unable to run for more than a few minutes (Civ5 before stops responding). See also: http://jrnetwork.net/forums/topic/6961-various-issues/#comment-104166 just have to wait 2-3 years and I shall perhaps have everything set up to get a gaming rig. OT: cannot stop lurking around the site... now that I am outta the loop, I am always curious... same applies to BSGO, I lurk those forums everynow and then even though I havent really played in
  10. Another game that does, last I looked anyways (haven't kept up on most gaming things as my gaming ability continually diminishes), but 7 Days to Die also has a fail model in building as well. Looks like fun (have watched several people on youtube play as well) wish I could join yah!
  11. ELO - Living Thing (had to edit out YT link as tried to add another and then player was looking all funky o_O )
  12. The Lannisters send their regards...
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