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    united kingdom
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    role playing game i.e diablo 2/3 anno2070 and also games like mass effect 1 2 3 fear trilogy bioshock / raceing and i also as a hobby and have done as work computer building repairs across most platforms and consoles i also like country walking watch a nice movie and so on.... i also keep cold water fish and a animal lover got cats and guinea pigs.

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  1. totalkickass


    thank you i,m glad i can bring something to jrcraft thanks and welcome hopefully can do a lot more epic stuff with jr build wise glad to bring something i been working on so long and glad to share it instead of it just sitting on my harddrive and memstick
  2. totalkickass


    project is being sorted now with anio-novus he has the map and is in process of sorting it so it can be on jr thanks for allowing it to come over
  3. totalkickass


    thanks i,ll host it over the weekend so anionovus can do what is needed for it to be transfered and brought to jr many thanks
  4. totalkickass


    thanks for the feed back
  5. totalkickass


    can i have some info from jrcarf staff if they want this build of erebor cause i would need to arrange a time and date for when you want it if you do cause i would like anionovus to help with the transition is it becomes reality any info on possible decisions on if its coming over or not if still thinking on it please let me know thanks totaldomination and a few people on server have asked about it if its going to be deployed or not so some feed back would be nice at ur convience
  6. totalkickass


    heres some more pics of it and the size of the actual build goes from 5 blocks from bedrock to 6 blocks from world height and covers around 8 - 10 chunks it has a lot potential for many uses and also can be expanded on but up to jrcaft to decide if they want it i hope they say yes cause at minute its just sitting in single player and i rather have it used for some thing cause time and effort i put into it and its kinda pointless it just sitting on my pc doing nothing
  7. totalkickass


    I been building erebor now for at least between 9 months maybe even longer and if jrcraft would like it on there server i be glad to share it cause its sitting in single player and its kinda pointless there now so i would love to show it but its not fully completed but anio-novus has said he would gladly help me if it was on jrcraft and i told him also he could add dungeons and functions for it so it has multi functional use thats if jrcraft will allow it i been playing on jrcraft now for a very long time so i thought it be nice for me to bring some thing to jrcraft if you want to see the build i can give you a ip address which i can host it so you can see it let me know
  8. totalkickass


    Hi guys i would love to bring a build to JRCRAFT of erebor i been working on for over 9 months or more hmmmm and anionovus thinks it be wicked also being on jrcraft cause i would like him to build a dungeon and also help do the mountain around it and for people to view the over all build cause its a waste i think just sitting on single player map i would like to share it if possible and anio-novus would help complete it i am also uploading pictures of my build so you can see it if you want more datails or want to see it i can host it on my pc for staff on jr my game name is totaldomination

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