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  1. I've found out that each server is like a transparency over the main one. I found this out because of one of my minimap markers. Going to it, there was nothing I recognized there, which came as a shock to me. If all the servers are like this, I want to know what magic this is and why hasn't this been done before? As to the new RPG changes, it's a great improvement over the clunky Mcmmo that everyone seems to think is the best thing ever. It seems to rework the entire mechanics so that it's not so powerful as to make it unfair, nor to make it as so simple that it loses its complexity which is what most RPGers want in their fantasies. The other changes sound nice, but feeling isolated from the entire server gives it a creepy feeling in my opinion. You don't have to deal with people spamming the chat. It should also be added that you can /msg cross the server which would be handy if you want to get in touch with everyone. I'd also like to suggest a way to see everyone on all the servers by doing commands such as /list players hardcore if you are looking for a specific person. Can't wait to see what's in store for us in the future!
  2. It's great to be here, Tim. I hope to be an asset to the future of the server.
  3. Wanting my professional opinion of their latest creation, Jamie and FrostBlast wanted me to check it out. I had two choices, build an Eiffel Tower for a contest I'm hosting for my subscribers or check out a possibly awesome new server section. The Eiffel Tower was tempting, but I decided that I could use a break from the building and decide to test my skills to their fullest. Was I in for a surprise when I went here. Everything I knew about Minecraft went out the window and it was exciting trying to survive the first night. I teamed up with Pookie200 and together we managed to make a small home and find our first diamonds. We died, got trapped in a cave, died some more, found a dungeon, and some other exciting stuff. The best part about this new challenge is the concept. Stone picks will no longer break stone, forcing you to find iron straight off. Think it's easy? Took me a while to find the first few bits because I kept getting cave-ins in every cave I came by. Charged creepers also make my list of things I like but they also go on my I HATE THIS! list. When I saw it, I attacked it and backed away thinking I'd be fine. Nope. Death was painful beyond imagining. Luckily, there was a /back, so it wasn't too bad. Now, some suggestions, as a player and not a reviewer. I have seen many griefing servers die out because of all the destruction. This particular server discourages it thanks to the new physics, but you are free to do so. However, my main point is people will be hoarding ores now like madmen. I would like to see a new command for Super Citizens or at least donators where you can refresh a single chunk per day. This will ensure that the world will still have ores available, but not in super large amounts, just enough to keep the server going just a bit longer. It doesn't even have to be a command, it could just be a random world event, but I'm not sure how that would work :/. You could also make a new group of players called Terraformers that can choose a couple of chunks to refresh, that way it could have a random element to it. Now, if you will excuse me...I'm going back to establish myself as a pvper.
  4. You've encouraged me to build far better than I what I ever thought, the support here is unlike any creative/survival server I have yet to see. Now I feel bad for giving a sub-par score :/
  5. Sometimes, I lack words to describe the beauty I see in some places.
  6. Welcome to JR, Jetra! :) This is your profile's feed / comment section, which you can use much like a status update on Facebook or Twitter! If you link your JR account to your Twitter/Facebook accounts, you can even update your status across those networks if you'd like to!


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