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  1. Did my normal traditions with my family, got my kids on the 25th. Opened presents and had a good time as a family. Have a 4 day weekend from work and next week on the 31st is my girls birthday as she turns 2 this year.
  2. Ravek

    Life update

    Its been over a year since I have stepped down from management here. Not a day goes by where I dont think about this place and its people. I always hope the best for everyone, and hope everyone is staying safe. I work at a beef plant so im required to work during this virus. Over 40 people have caught it and 2 have passed from my work. As for my personal life things are going alright, things could be better, but its not the worst either. Not much exciting has happened to inform you on so this will be a short post. Miss you all ❤️
  3. Currently just playing Rocket League. Wanting to play minecraft but once I got optifine I dont wanna play without it. With the release of the new nether stuff optifine wont be updating for a little while so im disappointed. Also just have lack of motivation to play it since I have bad building skills and creativity.
  4. Ever since my friends invited me onto this server, I started playing on it daily, I started to learn the names of the members and staff, Learned the way that JR wants to run. I joined the server at the age of 13/14. Played on it to this very day. When I got to talking to staff often, I started wanting to help JR grown and be a better community. I would stay on all night while all the EU staff were sleeping, and take screen shots of people cursing, cheating, or griefing. (being a tattle tale) I tried everything I could to become apart of the staff. It was my dream goal to one day be wearing a red name tag in the Minecraft server under "Admin". I maybe tried too hard to become staff as I would try and beat the staff to the problem and try to fix it myself. Posted on forums to try and get activity up. I tried all I could, attended every meeting. The day came on my 16th birthday I could apply for helper. I was so happy, It took a few days for them to look over it but finally I was accepted as a Helper. I was the happiest guy alive. Then I continued to strive to work up the ranks and do my best and help the Owner, Admins, and Mods in anyway I could. When I was promoted to Grief Police at the time, was another amazing day for me, I ran around my house (literally) to get my excitement out of the way. Grief Police was later merged into Moderator, Which is where I stand. I have thought about this for many days. This might be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. There comes a point in our lives where we all must say goodbye to something, someone, or some place that we love. It's never easy. But today I must make one of those hard goodbyes, Today is the day I feel I must step down from management. There are a few reasons for this. First, my current life situation doesn't give me a whole lot of time to be active enough to help and support the server/community. Second, I joined this community for the Minecraft aspect, and as I feel the majority of the community is now past the Minecraft aspect. I feel there is not much for me to do here. Third, I don't really offer any help anymore. Everything JR as a whole needs help with from staff is either beyond my abilities or in games that I do not own or play. I will never forget this amazing time I have had here, nor will I ever leave the community. This will always be my home, staying up late talking to members and staff. Getting to know such amazing people. Everyone here has had a place in my heart since I got to know them. All the staff were so helpful and caring. I have never had bad times being here. I have always had people to rely on and count on to pick me up when I'm feeling down. I will always recommended this place to anyone as it is nothing but inspiration. So many amazing unique people. I wish I coulda done more for the server but I did what I was capable of doing. This my last post as staff at JR. I will always remember and love this place. I hope one day I will be able to bring my daughter to come play here. ❤️ People that I want to thank specifically: Serena, Djexecute, Noni, JuggaGirl, Chris, harsol, kickyabutt24, Barbermiss, Mrcoconut2012, AnioNovus, p4ck3ts3nd3r, Risen Havoc, UploadGFX, Daisuke, Lightning Potatoe People that really made an impact on me: Sophie and Frosty. I am sorry if I forget anyone, there were a lot of people so many years ago that were so fun to talk to and play with. Most importantly thank you Jamie for making this a thing and keeping it going even in rough times. I wish I coulda done more to support financially. But thank you for making this all possible I will not forget you.
  5. Ravek


    First week of January. 4th I think.
  6. Ravek


    Yea spelling is lol
  7. Ravek


    Does spelling matter? like Caitlyn vs kaitlyn?
  8. Ravek


    Thats always the best, when you hear a parent say their full name you know they are in trouble.
  9. Ravek


    Thats what I was thinking cause she has a daughter already named madison, but call her madi for short . Cause parents also like to use their full name when in trouble or something you know.
  10. Ravek


    So if you read my other topic, "Life changing event" I am having a baby, and it is in fact going to be a girl. So my question is what name would you give your daughter? We were thinking Isabella or Bella!
  11. Oh I dont really listen to the game music when playing, I play my own music.
  12. Theme being music? Or theme of the game?
  13. Thats the dream, I guess a pool would be nice too
  14. Oh, Well guess I coulda looked up what they are called.
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