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Status Updates posted by Ravek

  1. I am back and active everyone! Hope to talk to you all again!

    1. Jamie


      Good to see you back :)



      Welcome Back Switchy :)! 

    3. BarberMiss


      Welcome back :)


  2. Minecraft is moving too fast for me to keep up. And I just dont play it anymore. I have grown to play more competitive games and with my job and school I just dont have the time anymore for minecraft. I will never forget any of you. This is where my home was and where I found out what I wanted to do. Without all of you I would have nothing. Thank you all for being so amazing and never give up!


    1. Jamie


      JR doesn't do only minecraft. Why don't you join in with our other services and other upcoming services?

    2. Ravek


      Like what? :/ i dont play many other games. When I first came here i thought it was, that was what i was looking for a minecraft server. Not an entire network. I appriacte the offer jamie. But I mostly just play League of Legends (LoL). I have no communication with anyone in JR anymore. I never talk to anyone to know whats going on. I feel like everything is just moving on and im not up to date with everything. But if you ever need me I will always be here for whatever you may need. 

  3. Idk anymore :/ everything just repeats.. I wish my life was different

  4. Nasus Jungle = 600 stacks 20 mins

  5. Panth the God

    1. commanderAIK


      No please do not start maining him

  6. I probobly wont be on very often. Just a heads up.



      Why not switchy :( ??

  7. Tiger

    1. AnioNovus


      All I can think of is ... "Big Kitty... meow" :P I dunno if this is a good or bad thing lol!

  8. Not like your going to talk to me so why are you here?

  9. Just talk to me dont be scared :) I dont bite :D .

    1. Karim


      Yeah you do! :'(!

  10. My life has hit a train. IDK how long it will take me to clean the mess up.

  11. I need time to not be bothered -_-

  12. I just want you to know if there is a problem I can fix it!

  13. Work, effort, and trying. my 3 least favorite things.


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