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  1. https://gyazo.com/523d9c09843d106062b67243f65b12a8 https://gyazo.com/bc903fac255fa8e022abb27c359ce9b8 Where/How?
  2. on tee shirt could we add so we can add "Moderator" or an option to add any text the buyer would like? Something else like "Best community ever"
  3. I dont build I simply just mine and break things, I am probably one of the worst builders ever. But on the other hand I am probably the best miner you could find. i like to live underground :3.
  4. The top/first one is my home screen but i do prefer my lock screen.
  5. I sadly don't have any games where you can make servers I'm not much of a server player
  6. I am back and active everyone! Hope to talk to you all again!

    1. Jamie


      Good to see you back :)

    2. Frosty


      Welcome Back Switchy :)! 

    3. BarberMiss


      Welcome back :)


  7. My favorite artist are: Rap: Packy, Sir Skitzo, Tech N9ne (if you count them as rap or rock idk I do rap) along with Krizz Kaliko, MGK, Mike Stud, J.Cole, Logic, Lil Wayne, Kid Ink, K Camp, Hopsin, G-Eazy, Futuristic, Dizzy Wright, and Eminem. Rock: Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Shinedown, Hinder, Three Days Grace, AC/DC, Then I listen to just random EDM songs.
  8. Thank you sorry I was sleeping when all this was happening.
  9. iPhone 6 its the exact same as my mom's phone. It isn't the best when I got it about a year ago now. But it does what I need a phone to do, and I'm happy with it. The only thing that does annoy me with phones like this, is that they are always updating the versions of the phones so things like emojis look different or add/change them. I don't need that so I ignore the update then it pops up whenever I open my phone every now and then.
  10. SwitchShotJolt1

    Left 4 Dead 2

    its cause they are mutated. They aren't supposed to be all the same. There would be no fun or challenge to the game if they were all the same. Sure the tank is a little unrealistic, but hey its still a fun game and the mode where you collect the gas is a very team oriented mode and my friends and I have a blast playing that.
  11. So only one person knows about my community that I am running for a specific game. I was wondering if anyone out there can/would be willing to design a jersey for my community. https://discord.gg/MFc6c join here and go ahead and PM me! (thats the JR discord.)
  12. iPhone since my whole family has it, and I can help them with what ever issues they have with the phone.
  13. SwitchShotJolt1


    I see JR has a teamspeak and mumble server but the new thing now is discord, free easy to use, easy to set up permissions. I am just throwing it out there that JR gets a discord channel then I know for me I would be on that alot more and can get to talk to people a lot more.
  14. Minecraft is moving too fast for me to keep up. And I just dont play it anymore. I have grown to play more competitive games and with my job and school I just dont have the time anymore for minecraft. I will never forget any of you. This is where my home was and where I found out what I wanted to do. Without all of you I would have nothing. Thank you all for being so amazing and never give up!


    1. Jamie


      JR doesn't do only minecraft. Why don't you join in with our other services and other upcoming services?

    2. SwitchShotJolt1


      Like what? :/ i dont play many other games. When I first came here i thought it was, that was what i was looking for a minecraft server. Not an entire network. I appriacte the offer jamie. But I mostly just play League of Legends (LoL). I have no communication with anyone in JR anymore. I never talk to anyone to know whats going on. I feel like everything is just moving on and im not up to date with everything. But if you ever need me I will always be here for whatever you may need. 

  15. Personally as a just a normal minecraft player vanilla has gotten boring for me, as a staff member I would enjoy getting on and helping if there are people on. If there is no one on Its just like playing in a solo world, which I would get bored of in minutes. But as long as there are people on I would be more then happy to get on :). Im always willing to jump on.