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    Random Thoughts

    Innapropite build reporting gross Not random though but my old one was locked
  2. So it's been days now is it denied or accepted ?!
  3. They scare me more then anything on mc
  4. IGN: Member of horseville?: no What do you enjoy about the horseville community?: friendliness beautifully builds horses !!! And the amazing news of the whole idea and thing As staff of horseville what will you do to make horseville a good community?: ill advertise and ill protect the town from monsters by both killing and reporting mobs that could harm the town every night on minecraft days How old are you?:14
  5. I'm seekergal101 Staff 14 years old Ready to help and be part of this great area u guys made
  6. yah hugs u math now we need to know what dj says but im all for hugging
  7. djx id like to sincerly apologize i hope u can stay on the server everyone really likes u i hope u accept my apology thx bye
  8. nice id love to help pm me if u need any help with it at all
  9. in school class lol wosh me lucky benchmark today :)

  10. kyle is correct thats exactly what they are and what they do brb at school its true clarifyed
  11. lets see if my suggestions would be possible
  12. i want it to happen asap it could also prevent members and or + from getting into a fight in the first place !
  13. needs gift voochers

    1. seekergal101


      for my birthday it was jusrt 2 days ago

  14. premium ends today :"""""(

  15. banned from survival but atleast im able to be on creative ps bought and am wearing a jrcraft tshirt :)

    1. TeOzFrAnK
    2. seekergal101


      sarcasom mabye buit yah my premium is expioring today :(

      still cant pay for it awith paypall lol

  16. why cant i access ban appeal

  17. sad but happy late birthday to me 14

  18. As long as people don't abuse It and or use it for bullying
  19. seekergal101

    Premium banners

    aww poopers okay thx anyways well keep in touch with the topic
  20. OMG MY Mom made me try on new shoes and i died 3 times and lost everything and then i accidently pressed titkle screen on survival :""(

  21. seekergal101

    Premium banners

    i hope they if its a yes start before i get premium over