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  1. Hi Cythion, how are you?!

  2. Just the dinos or thier stats as well?
  3. I can assure you they are working hard to resolve the ark issue. If youll notice on the bottom right corner where the vote is theres a date they were waiting for everyone to vote by, they might be waitining to make the final decision until after that date.

    1. heaven


      Voting wont work? If they vote no, the problem still resist. Then we wont be able to play for a long time (if they would vote no)? Cause after a few months all the work is still gone.  So basicly the decision is already made. We dont want to build, breed etc, knowing its gone in a few months? And it seems the other 4 servers already have this problem so its not new. Ofc i know they work hard. But waiting untill 10 december is useless. It doesnt add anything. Only wait time.

    2. Emma


      We will do something about this guys. I know that you must be sooo tired of this, but we are doing our very best! We wont let the servers be like this with problems all the time. I really do get how you are feeling and how annoyed you must be, but we are working and talking every day about this so wont be long until we get this fixed 💗

  4. Cythion

    Minecraft Event

    JrCraft Very unexpected. Thank you. It usually takes me A lot of time and changes to come up with a build idea. I implemented a couple things I had Built in some of the past survival servers here in JRCraft Along with some of the updates I like. I'm glad JR is around and thanks to all the staff who has been so helpful when I'm in need of assistance, as well as the long time friends I've made here and I hope JrCraft is around for along time to come. I like all the plugins and mods the Minecraft server has and all the benefits. Sincerely, Gerald (Cythion)
  5. Welcome back to JR! We hope you enjoy our updated Minecraft server!

    1. Cythion


      Thank you, Looking good

  6. Make It like a multi-level mall With piston doors and have a big court in the middle or do you want people to be able to build buildings?
  7. Hello, Id really like to see the virtual chest and workbench Working. Will that be for all servers? Cythion
  8. My suggestion of the Hour is , pretty please start the build transfers. I really miss my house and want to build onto it. I'm sorry for bugging you all about this I know your busy. Please forgive me for asking. Sincerely, Your McMMo leader Cythion
  9. Especially if you spend time breeding them to get the better stats
  10. Welcome to JR, Cythion! :) This is your profile's feed / comment section, which you can use much like a status update on Facebook or Twitter! If you link your JR account to your Twitter/Facebook accounts, you can even update your status across those networks if you'd like to!

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