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  1. Welcome back to JR! We hope you enjoy our updated Minecraft server!

  2. Make It like a multi-level mall With piston doors and have a big court in the middle or do you want people to be able to build buildings?
  3. Hello, Id really like to see the virtual chest and workbench Working. Will that be for all servers? Cythion
  4. My suggestion of the Hour is , pretty please start the build transfers. I really miss my house and want to build onto it. I'm sorry for bugging you all about this I know your busy. Please forgive me for asking. Sincerely, Your McMMo leader Cythion
  5. Especially if you spend time breeding them to get the better stats
  6. Welcome to JR, Cythion! :) This is your profile's feed / comment section, which you can use much like a status update on Facebook or Twitter! If you link your JR account to your Twitter/Facebook accounts, you can even update your status across those networks if you'd like to!