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  1. Correct you can install them on your minecraft client and they will work in multiplayer like the voxelmap mod.
  2. Hi Everyone! Just a quick and self explanatory guide on how to claim land on our survival server on Minecraft. Note: you will need a Golden Shovel to resize claims. To first create your claim, you place a Minecraft chest. You will see the blocks highlighted with a border around it. To resize this claim, you will need claim blocks. You can see how many claim blocks you have when you equip a golden shovel. Right click an edge with a golden shovel and move away from the claim and right click again on a block to extend the claim. Video on resizing a claim
  3. Fish! https://t.co/aFHdfreaz9

  4. TeOzFrAnK


  5. Switching between SQLite and mysql with minimal effort required. Ahem nope not really going to work different synta… https://t.co/HoEHt275qC

  6. I am mainly a software engineer / system integrator at my current job. I have been working there since September 2014. We have grew from a small business doing visualisation systems with only 3 staff (including me) to approx 8 full time staff as of now. The company started in a small office space in a rural village about an hour from where I live. Then I moved into my bosses office at his house (same town). Back in Oct / Nov we moved to a shared office space in a local university with two desks, In January we moved to an office of our own which has 4 desks and a demo area for potential clients
  7. Yeah its great fun alright might want to check out my channel for a look at my videos? http://www.youtube.com/renderscope I listen to music, used to play guitar.
  8. Gaming, Airsoft, RC Model flying and Music
  9. Fixed registering group syncing from website to minecraft servers :).

  10. Send me a PM when you are online and ill resolve this for you
  11. Thats EPIC system nice job love that intro too! If only we could get some players in the video it would look even better.
  12. What is the region name?
  13. TeOzFrAnK


    Actually essentials works perfectly fine, You misconfigured the server, bungee was not setup to forward IP's nor the connected servers had bungeecord set to false in spigot.yml, so instead of using Online UUID's the server was using Offline UUID's so when someone joined with a changed username it was as if they were a new player, had the server been using online UUID's this would not have been a problem. Im going to convert the world now to use Online UUIDs like it should have been. *slaps jamie* XD, This also explains the problem we had with WorldGuard conversion. This also may mess up everyo
  14. Hi guys, this is the update everyone has all be waiting for, the update to official 1.8 here at JRNetwork. I have updated survival to full 1.8 so you can now start to play with the new features! Creative will be soon to follow as soon as I get the time to update it. See you there! : play.jrcraft.net Regards, Frank. IMPORTANT - If you are unable to build in a region you were able to before please contact a member of staff. WorldGuard didn't transfer over flags, members, or owners of regions.
  15. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator or the original user who created the topic. Reason: Questions were answered, no further discussion needed. If you disagree with this action, please click on report and type the reason why it should be left open. Regards, The JRTeam
  16. "You were not banned by our nocheat system. You were banned, by one of our most experienced and trusted admins, and I'm sorry, but the ban will not be revoked. Appeal denied." That is complete and utter bullcrap. By the sounds of it that admin or staff member was too lazy to follow up and ask the so called "trusted admin" what happened. Glad to hear you got unbanned. I must agree with you that no anticheat plugin is 100% accurate every time. As a programmer I know this and the reason for it is in the code of minecraft itself and how packets are sent to the server from the client. There
  17. 15 is just a guideline. Its not set in stone that you have to be 15 to be considered. Dont count the days its been since you have applied just apply and leave it at that. Asking this question alone about age is fine but you are bringing up that arguments that make you "perfect" for the job. Belive me we know a good potential staff member when we see one there is no need to convince us, we have heard it all.
  18. keep inventory cant be given to a specified player its either on for the whole server or not at all. A plugin would have to take care of this if we were to give it to gold star, but i think it kind of ruins the whole survival experience giving such a feature.
  19. Why in the world is it on !? o_0
  20. Umm, JR is currently 2.1 on the servers so wouldn't it be 3.0 and not 5.0?
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