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Blog Comments posted by TeOzFrAnK

  1. "You were not banned by our nocheat system. You were banned, by one of our most experienced and trusted admins, and I'm sorry, but the ban will not be revoked. Appeal denied."


    That is complete and utter bullcrap. By the sounds of it that admin or staff member was too lazy to follow up and ask the so called "trusted admin" what happened. Glad to hear you got unbanned.


    I must agree with you that no anticheat plugin is 100% accurate every time. As a programmer I know this and the reason for it is in the code of minecraft itself and how packets are sent to the server from the client. There are many variables that can effect the outcome of a anticheat plugin, and each plugin must be tweaked to suit the server setup. Even then it can still give false positives. If only there was a way to detect if the client was modified in any way. This is hard cause nearly every aspect of modified clients can be spoofed to send out "legit" information as the server simply trusts everything sent from the client. For example if we looked for the md_5 hash of a vanilla client the modified client could simply return that value to disguise it. Its a constant battle between server staff and players that insist on using modified clients.


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