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Status Updates posted by TeOzFrAnK

  1. Fish! https://t.co/aFHdfreaz9

  2. Switching between SQLite and mysql with minimal effort required. Ahem nope not really going to work different synta… https://t.co/HoEHt275qC

  3. Fixed registering group syncing from website to minecraft servers :).

  4. Talked to md_5 the other day, genious!

  5. Interview next wednesday, uh o xD

  6. 4gb of RAM coming my way in a few days yay ! :D

    1. k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      your 1/4 of the way to having what I have :P

    2. TeOzFrAnK


      Is your computer more than 4 years old? I'm guessing not :P

  7. found the problem dead RAM stick great!

  8. So guys how do u like the new JRTookit update? /hi5 ftw! :)

  9. Plugin Development is actually so much fun! Working on a Villager protection plugin atm! :)


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