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    So as you know me or you may not..I like Pancakes..I like Popcorn..I love gaming,especially Gta and Assassin's Creed...I like Jr Premium xD...So much stuff to say but im gonna make it short..I'm not much of a sports person and yeaa Mincraft? yea i guess so..that's why im posting this right?yeaa soo i like making faces >,...,<..

    So yea these are my intrests and not to forget JR CRAFT!!! and PEWDIEPIE!!! -,..,- (BROFISTS)

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  1. Keys are fun. They open stuff. New stuff. New is good rite? ;-;
  2. Hi. Sooo most of you know who i am right? right? .. right.. So i'm back after taking a year long holiday. Pretty long if you ask me. Won't be on much now since exams are on ;-;. Perhaps I will be on. But who knows, so watch out for my kawaiiness. and yeah. I ish bak
  3. I am 100% yes even.. if i can't contribute xD.. But i like the name of Vault.. Sounds more cool
  4. I care! Cuz I just logged in XD .. Go Canada Day!! Wooo.. woo..*fades away* :|
  5. Soo yea Tell Me Is it good or bad? It's okay i can take the truth.. And also please give me ideas for fan signs.. Like words you know.. K comment and.. Bai!
  6. Yes.. Just take my skin.. No.. STeal my skin just kiddin.. Awesome idea And Yea SOUND COOL..
  7. So yea topic explains.. it self.. Yea so I vote for Pewds.. He awesome *dat english*.. So yea comment belowwww...........