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  1. Hey its me again. been a while. gone through a few username changes.. its, uh "azura_ut" now? howve you guys been? What brought you back to JR: Uh.. Two/Knightmare actually. We started chatting a bit more and he suggested I come back or whatever, so.. yeah. Here I am. Didja miss me? probably not lol. What would you like to see at JR: I don't know? It's pretty cool as is. I'd like it if all the update features worked without a hitch.. Are you happy with the current changes: I mean, yeah? It's pretty cool, and honestly it's a pretty nice. Any other comments? Not really. Just, um, "hi im back" i guess? sorry i left for so long? sorry if this is weird, or, off topic.
  2. azura0611

    JR Labs

    Thanks you guys
  3. azura0611

    JR Labs

    If there's one thing I enjoy building (and am pretty good at) it's laboratories. I build a LOT of them :3 I was working on a smaller one when I thought: Why not make an official one for JRCraft? However, I didn't just want to build the "Official" Laboratory of JR without, y'know, asking someone I guess. So, (Staff, this is more directed towards you), are you guys okay with it? Could I build the Official Lab of JR? Thanks, and get back to me as soon as you can ~Azura
  4. I'd love to apply, however JR appears to be down at the moment.
  5. Welcome to JR, azura0611! :) This is your profile's feed / comment section, which you can use much like a status update on Facebook or Twitter! If you link your JR account to your Twitter/Facebook accounts, you can even update your status across those networks if you'd like to!


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