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  1. I remember when jr used to have sky block and that could be a nice thing to have again or something like op prison, I have always been a fan of that but also having a shop in survival would be nice because we do have a money system in place which I do like that system and have used it although it does have a cap on what you can earn during a specific time, I do like the system but it’s really in place for nothing because there is no shop. But with the new update it can get revamped because this next update is so huge
  2. Ok thanks for clearing that up but hey, I'm 15 and I still play so that's got to count for something
  3. Where did everyone go, 2 years ago we had 100+ people on a night and now, we barely hit 30 a day it's summer and where is everybody?
  4. Why can't anyone come on jr seriously

  5. Tyra

    Random Thoughts

    I have the greatest question I'm sure we are all asking. Why does nobody ever come onto jr anymore, I remember when we had 100+ on the server. I have been a member four at least a couple of years and it is sad to see constantly zero people on this server.
  6. So, I was on minechat last night and I decided to fall asleep. Frosty the snowman was online as well as earl95s, frosty wondered weather I fell asleep once, then after a while he kicked me with the caption "sleep well puppy" and guess what, I come back the next morning I come on minechat and look at this I got gold star! Thanks frosty your the mvp!
  7. (Kinda based of of Chris' post in my topic) there once was a friend to all and to this day is my friend, and he had a heart of gold I never told him this, but I started to call him lion in my head instead of a snowman, he has a heart of gold, a big reputation and is known by all, many of them know and love him, but he already knows this, but we all love him so much we dedicated a week to him! #whoisit?
  8. The realization that nobody is online -.-

  9. Ok I would like world edit on my creative plot if that isn't too much to ask
  10. No just the ability to remove blocks, it's very difficult to clear away things in my spawn build
  11. This is a forum topic where you post both the craziest and stupidest things you have ever done in minecraft, so sit back and enjoy each other's stories, so yeah! I'll start: I'm doing the new spawn com potion and dodging 30-40 blocks down for the whole huge building with no world edit
  12. Oh, ok just a suggestion! I have another suggestion, I have heard about survival islands and maybe there could be a survival islands world for people who like more of a challenge in survival mode? I mean, this may be a hit or miss, but I like the idea of moving from island to island it reminds me of our old hardcore server I take it that jr is 1.8 stable? Also another thing, in creative I think members should at least have access to the world edit command /remove
  13. As I think about it there could be a designated build area that dosent reset if that could be possible
  14. Glad your back Jamie! I think it would be fun if the survival resets just to keep people on their toes, it kinda gets boring if you've got all diamond stuff. But good job on cleaning up creative now there will be more plots available and less glitches things in the creative world
  15. I'm back as well! I'll try to be online as much as I can, in highschool now so I have lots of homework to do



      Welcome back puppylover0808 ^.^! It's been some time since I have seen your name around, I and the rest of the JR staff team are in high hopes that you're enjoying high school and wish you the best of luck for your coming years :D!

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