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  1. I kind of agree with you, Two, though i agree with the staff, too. Some people just aren't mature enough, and if we let everybody become helper below the age of 15, people would know and get mad that they weren't asked or accepted.
  2. but will that bring people? i remember lots of people coming on, and now see very few
  3. So, everybody's talking about how the server will be getting back to it's old self, yet, I don't see it happening presently, and I was wondering if I could help in anyway? I'm a longtime JRCraft member and a hate to see it be so... unlike it used to be. Thanks. -DGM
  4. I'm looking forward to banners and armor stands. Banners will be awesome for faction servers, and the armor stands are just cool
  5. DGM007


    My friend uses bandicam and it works good
  6. ahh, dude, I remember all this. almost makes me sad, remembering the old JR, it deserves more people, it just needs to be like the old days, somehow. sadly, i had to get a new CPU so ALL my old JRCraft screenshots are gone Nice to look at all this old stuff Good job on the topic.
  7. now it's only on sundays :3
  8. now it's just going to be on sundays guys and we'll see Daisuke :3
  9. I already posted a topic on this and the date is every tuesday and sunday
  10. Hello JR! there's a new thing! Every tuesday and sunday we meet at /warp JRSM. (JR Speech Meeting) here we all just get together and do speeches and stuff! ! serena17 came up with the idea! :3 so come on tuesdays and sundays and we can have FUN! see ya guys! -DGM
  11. i have question for you. what the heck is your profile picture?!?!?! xD lol
  12. it's yo birthday. i didn't look at your profile! ....yes I did...
  13. I think this would be pretty cool. i think we should stick to more medevil, i think the lord and outcast thing is a good idea, it would help for rule breakers too. The only thing i think should be factiony is wars in the PVP areas, like... to get to the top. we could just keep clans and make PVP spots and that would be good. I'm going to make another comment on "the list" because I'm going off topic. Okay so... I think the clans should have to fight to get richer... If you've ever played Clash of Clans that's kinda what i mean. If you win wars you get money and you go higher in the list. (the list just shows all the clans and from highest to lowest.) The king of the kingdom or clan gets to decide what share the people get. So if there will be ranks like "peasant", if the kingdom wins a lot of wars which means they get a lot of money, which means there will hardly me any peasants. Oh, i forgot you would have to pay to rank up. Thanks guys! -DGM hmmmm that's odd... whenever i go to another comment thing it just adds onto that one above. ok what is happening?!?!? xD

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