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  • Birthday 16/02/1995

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    south carolina
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    video games (minecraft and RPG games)

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  1. I could not watch it because it said private video
  2. jacobindyjones

    Random Thoughts

    I want to eat at an all you can eat bean burrito place
  3. you should there good games sometimes confusing but there really entertaining
  4. it reaches the top 5 list of my favorite Zelda games (only haven't played is the ones for the Gameboy and Gameboy advanced if there are any for the Gameboy advanced also it was a little bit easyer than most Zelda games (probably because im used to almost all of the puzzles
  5. I think almost everyone glad ur coming back
  6. good game but it kinda was too easy if you have played the other games like twilight princess or the origanal was not the best but it was still good and stuck to the Zelda storyline
  7. some nights by fun dynomite fallen kingdom thrift shop I listen to it sometimes not very often beat it
  8. me I do parkour pretty often and enjoy it if I didn't eat shortly before

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