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Everything posted by p4ck3ts3nd3r

  1. 1. That's kind of vague, but more people is the main thing we need. 2. Honestly, Some of the servers we host. There are so many of them that nobody uses. 3. Since I've had to cut back on multiplayer games, I don't use any of them. But, that is because of personal reasons, and I still support those who play! 4. The only one I'm interested in now, is Space Engineers, BUT I know that we would have to have a Windows server. So for now, that's out of the question. 5. Add some cool features to the Discord bots! like "p!decode" for decoding [very small] checksums.
  2. I'm not new to this site, however, it has been a few years since I was active, so many of you may not know who I am. As stated, I am p4ck3ts3nd3r, better known as just 'p4ck'. I was part of Staff when I was last active (and hopefully will be again soon). Even though I may not be Staff as of this minute, feel free to contact me if you need help! -Cheers!
  3. If you don't remember the names, they don't matter anyways. XD
  4. Aww... How sweet Frosty! No wonder everybody likes you!
  5. What makes you think we need your help anyways? How narcissistic can you be? LMAO
  6. What's up with the flying elephants?

    1. RockMelons


      there using there hear's to fly because they watched Dumbo and wanted to have a go themselves :P

  7. I have, however, seen one, and only, one t-shirt.
  8. I agree with you @harsol1, but I dont make the rules. Maybe I could bring this up at some point to the other Staff.
  9. I know. I was making a joke.
  10. Umm... Anger problems? :3
  11. If you want a resource pack that has the look of default, but better, download this: http://jrurl.at/cdtl I prefer the Smooth Realism myself! Here you go then: http://jrurl.at/cdtl
  12. I've never seen ANY Minecraft toys at all.
  13. Very nice deal Jamie! This is a good way to support the server, plus whoever does this can have their own email domain.
  14. Is anybody else having issues connecting to the site? If so, please describe what exactly what happens, how often, any differences in browsers, or any other factors that may or may not be causing the issue. This may help @Jamie to better troubleshoot and resolve some of these issues.
  15. I really like @k2trf 's idea for this, it looks great!
  16. I may be on and off briefly for the next few days.

  17. Even all the way up to 26 yr olds.
  18. Its the same as people fighting over cats and dogs.... I agree with @. Linux is, by far, superior in security and performance.
  19. Obviously it did. He was on yesterday
  20. If you are interested in helping, send me a pm.
  21. I'm ready!!! Let's get this started!! XD

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