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  1. 4 hours ago, Jamie said:

    Hi guys,

    I'm always looking to improve the services we run. Whether adding more servers or working with the community to better our existing ones. I'd like to know a few things from you guys. We have a lot of members come and also go, which is saddening as sometimes after members leave I find out that they leave because either something is not on our server (s) or something is not working right. Instead of notifying me users are just leaving and that really is bad for a growing community like JR.

    I need to know if something is wrong, if something needs to change. I always work with the community to make things work better, just talk to me :)

    We always have a place for suggesting ideas and you can do so here @ https://suggest.jrnetwork.net/

    We always have a place for getting help too: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/

    Either way, please spend a few minutes to help us answer these questions. You can use the template below if wanted.

    What would make JR Better?

    What do you feel is wasted at JR?

    What servers do you use?

    What servers do you want?

    Any other thoughts you may have?


    1. That's kind of vague, but more people is the main thing we need. 

    2. Honestly, Some of the servers we host. There are so many of them that nobody uses. 

    3. Since I've had to cut back on multiplayer games, I don't use any of them. But, that is because of personal reasons, and I still support those who play! 

    4. The only one I'm interested in now, is Space Engineers, BUT I know that we would have to have a Windows server. So for now, that's out of the question.

    5. Add some cool features to the Discord bots! like "p!decode" for decoding [very small] checksums.


  2. I'm not new to this site, however, it has been a few years since I was active, so many of you may not know who I am. As stated, I am p4ck3ts3nd3r, better known as just 'p4ck'. I was part of Staff when I was last active (and hopefully will be again soon). Even though I may not be Staff as of this minute, feel free to contact me if you need help! 



  3. When someone Buys Premium rank for Jr craft Then Plays on the survival server, they gain access to the ability to mine spawners with a silk-touch pickaxe. The spawner that they mine retains the mob that is was as you found it when you place it. Now Once you Lose you premium it makes since that you lose the permissions to mine the spawners BUT you also lose the ability to place ones that you have already gotten. I believe that this is Wrong Because theoretically you payed for them (you paid for premium to gain the ability to mine them) but what is the point if you cant use them. 


    I am proposing that Member rank gains back the ability to Place spawnes for the case that Once premiums can use the items that they paid and worked for on the game.


    ALSO there is a way around this anyways. you can have a Premium + rank place the spawners for you. But this Just makes it a Pain for The members because you end up having to trust the person and not steal them or destroy your region when you add them to it so that they may place the spawners for you.


    If you are Going to Vote no to my propitiation I'm requiring you to put your reasons why or your vote will be removed.

    I agree with you @harsol1, but I dont make the rules. Maybe I could bring this up at some point to the other Staff.

  4. Hi guys, I've been seeing Mac vs PC videos on YouTube, I started thinking,

    Mac vs PC, which is better? Personally, I think PC Is better because Microsoft made their own phone for Windows 8 while Mac on the other hand doesn't even have a phone made for it, please tell me If PC Is better, I hate PC Vs mac, "it should end!"

    Its the same as people fighting over cats and dogs.... :P

    I agree with @. Linux is, by far, superior in security and performance.