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    p4ck3ts3nd3r reacted to Jamie for news, Webhosting - 3 Euro off! 5.99 (Unlimited European Hosting)   
    The best thing about JR's hosting is that we are not doing this for profit, all money goes to the running of JR and nothing else!

    There is no contract, just buy and keep the service as long as you pay for it!

    Take a look at our JR cPanel backend at http://jrnetwork.net:2083
    User: demo
    Password: jrnetwork

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    p4ck3ts3nd3r reacted to Jamie for news, Free JR URL Shortner   
    We hope you put this to good use!
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    p4ck3ts3nd3r reacted to Jamie for news, Old Members Get JRPremium for 3 months!   
    We are still also giving away 2 weeks premium for new members that join JR so if your new (Within a month) just apply by following the steps here:

    Also I'd like to notify everyone we have adverts that are trying to raise funds at JR, if your a premium member you wont get the adverts, we hope you citizens understand that it's getting hard to fund JR and we are trying our best to fund JR for years more to come!

    Thanks and enjoy!

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