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  1. JR runs so many servers now at this stage, unfortunately for us this comes with a price. Money yes Tons of resources yeah, that too Managing servers are the hardest part While we monitor our servers and keep backup's for 5 days of maps at a time if we are not advised there is a problem with a game server we may not find out till it's too late Why 5 days? Because of resources, we can not financially hold more backups than this due to space constraints. Just a note here before I continue. Don't assume a problem has been reported, if you have an issue with our servers REPORT IT! IF we are not told in time it may be too late. What to do if there is a issue with a server? Visit our Help Centre found here; https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ Report the issue with either a official support ticket / community help forum post. You can also notify us in #gameserverhelp on discord! Recently players have only PMed me issues, this will not do! Unfortunately I am not around 24/7 this is why I have staff to help. If you only message me privately staff are not informed and can not take action. We have staff for a reason, please follow proper procedure if an error occurs, a server goes down, or if the map is lost. NEVER PM JUST ONE MEMBER OF STAFF, REPORT IT CORRECTLY AS STAFF MAY BE ON HOLIDAY, SICK, OUT, BUSY WITH LIFE, WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING. The Ark Island Server In relation to this The Island map has been reset and there is no way back. On trying to revert a back up the earliest I had was the 12th. Which didn't contain users builds etc. I hate to turn round and tell users there is no way to get their stuff back. This is caused due to Structures plus. EVERY TIME it updates it causes a map issue like this and there is nothing I can do but revert the map backup which fixes the issue.
  2. until
    We will be holding a community event in Minecraft today, please join in with the fun! Server IP (JAVA EDITION OF MINECRAFT) play.jrcraft.net:25565 Plans today: Work on community town Finish Admin shop within town Everyone welcome to join, also please join our discord session while we play: https://discord.jrnetwork.net
  3. Minecraft Community Build https://t.co/XeoT6OoxIE

  4. Any other cool builds people are making? Would love to see more !
  5. I'm very tempted to sort out a skylands map within the survival server. Hmmm
  6. @Ravek I know you are in a hard situation, but remember you have the full support of JR and it's team. You've been a vital pillar to our continued development and I hope that you know you can always talk to us. I remember when you first talked to me about this situation, you've come a long way from what I have just read. Unfortunately, life throws stuff at you, you're dealing with it well. Especially now you are open and talking about the problems you are having. As for your relationship if you are having issues, talk to her, communicate. Hurdles can be easily overcome if you talk. If you don't talk and work things out in a relationship things get harder, more sour as time progresses. It's only normal for you to want to be there for your kid and for the kid to not have split parents. Again, if you need help or if you are struggling I'm available anytime to talk in private.
  7. I now use a Samsung Galaxy S8. Last time I posted on this I had nothing but issues with samsung. But since I got the Galaxy S8 everything has being perfect. Don't think I'll update for a while. Had this phone so far for half a year I reckon I'll keep it for a few if I can.
  8. We did have something similar to this I believe but it was removed I think due to people not wanting it. @IAMSNOWMAN what do you think of this mod? Did we have something like this? I honestly can't remember
  9. Ola sinorita

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  10. Jamie

    New name

    Loving the name change ❤️👍
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Nukem_Forever#Critical_reception Need I say more about this. Duke Nukem Forever
  12. I will review each individual case if there is an issue. The reason why this had to be done quickly is the economy severely fluctuated and it wasn't easy to find who was genuine and not genuine. Meaning that players that took advantage of the exploit were not easily traceable and therefore may have got games etc when they didn't properly earn it. If you raise a support ticket at: https://jrnetwork.net/help/help-center/ I can take a look at the balance you had and make a judgement of reinstating it.
  13. Welcome back to JR! We hope you enjoy our updated Minecraft server!

  14. Due to JRCash and JRRewards in it's infancy as a beta service as described in a previous news post we may have to reset JRCash due to the beta if exploitation occurs. Since it has we have had to reset JR Cash. This is to keep things fair for all members. We do not intend this to happen again, we know this is annoying for users who have earned JRCash previously. While we have reset JRCash we are giving all users a multiplier of 2x JRCash for the next week as an apology and a thank you for working with us through this hard time.
  15. Correction, me and sophie did that house together 🙂 *mainly sophie