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  1. Sorry for the delay, looking in to this now This has now been resolved
  2. Hey, what's going on ;)

  3. Jamie


    What's the tribe name?
  4. I will discuss this with the admin team at our next meeting
  5. We will look at certain mods to see the status of them soon. We will not be adding mods that are not required for play. Cross ark mods will not be implemented due to issues that may arise, unless classic flyers sorts the bugs I will not be installing it again. It causes a huge increase in server load and causes issues constantly with dino overspawning. Level 300 dinos we can add but it's not just a quick job saying let's level them, the last time we did this we then had to up all the player levels with custom levels which also made more headache than was worth. Classic flyer bug reports are here for reference: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/895711211/133261369999910543/ Wyverns/Pelas/Quetzals overspawning all over the place? This is what we've termed the overspawn issue. Particular species of dinos overspawning on a map is a core-game issue that can happen when any remap mod, like this one, is used. It is a recognized bug by WC but is not considered a priority fix by them. Please see the FAQ and Changes to CF's Culling System discussion for more information on the overspawn issue and how CF corrects for it. This bug is a headache and while there is a culling system that can be used, load is still increased and I have found that culling does not work all the time.
  6. Hey Jamie! Thanks for the mail you sent a year ago! :D Sorry for the late answer tho, but here I am again after 7 years :o

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jamie


      What you been doing since we last chatted? 

    3. bluemoonredsun


      A lot of studying, trying to get my degree this year or next year. Would like to go deeper into security and stuff. Besides that I played a lot of Rainbow Six on PS4, kinda stopped playing MC for 2-3 years, now I am back on it just building stuff for fun and trying out all the new stuff.

    4. Jamie


      What time are you around btw ? Would love to get some gaming sessions in :D

  7. I see you 😉

    1. Flaw


      And I see you, sir.

    2. Jamie


      This is a test

  8. AS many of you know I'm a huge halo fan, Now it's been announced that Halo: Master Chief Collection is coming to PC finally! Who's excited? It sounds good. And Halo reach has also been confirmed
  9. Hi Cythion, how are you?!

  10. As per discord conv this has now been resolved: I will close this topic now as no further action is required.
  11. I've taken a look at this, and for some reason you seemed to be stuck in the cluster, it looked like you had entered an obelisk / terminal and the game got stuck. I'm not sure why this would have happened. I have restored your arkprofile from our backup system, on login you should have access to your profile now. Please let me know if this is resolved so I can close this forum topic. @heaven Enjoy your day, - Rebel
  12. This is now resolved. Apologies about the delay. I'm not around at the moment.
  13. Yes it is @MarcusFaren
  14. Do you have a char on each server or do you move chars? Your character would not just disappear unless you died and click create new survivor.
  15. Apologies, that time it was my fault. This is now resolved