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Status Updates posted by Jamie

  1. Welcome Le Valo ! Hope you're enjoying your time at JR

  2. Welcome to JR, I see you're finally a member 👍😊

  3. Welcome to JR ! How are you :D

  4. Welcome to JR mate 👍😊

  5. Welcome to JR, let me know if I can help you in any way :D 

  6. Hows all Ruhi?


  7. Miss seeing your around Pete!

  8. Time to shine.. 

  9. Welcome to JR and JRCraft :D

  10. Hey man how are you ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jamie


      You got in again? Great :D

    3. bantheif


      oh no that was before the errors started happening

    4. Jamie


      I see you are in now enjoy :)

  11. Hey, what's going on ;)

  12. I see you 😉

    1. Flaw


      And I see you, sir.

    2. Jamie


      This is a test

  13. Hi Cythion, how are you?!

  14. Welcome Wraith !

  15. Welcome @heaven :)

    1. Cythion


      Id like to welcome you as well.😀

    2. heaven


      thank you both :)


  16. How is our minecraft server going for you Slab?



      Its good but no one is ever on. 

    2. Jamie


      When are you around I'll make it happen with a event ;)



      It may be my hours that I'm not on when others are. I own a business so its in the morning or late evening. Im on central time.

  17. Where have i gone?! what is going on? https://t.co/c4GvJ5s4E5

  18. Hello old friend ;)

  19. Hey mate,

    How are you ? Could you not login to your old account?

  20. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/09/19/introducing-the-playstation-classic-with-20-pre-installed-games/

    :O <3

    1. Robbie


      i really want one. but i want one of the games to be Pandemonium. Loved that game as a kid!


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